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Colorado Rockies already hard at work in anticipation of Spring Training

Rockies news and links for January 8, 2018

Colorado Rockies players showing workouts in offseason | Rox Pile

It may be the offseason, but some Colorado Rockies have shown us that they aren’t really taking it off. Nolan Arenado, known for his dedication to practice, has been working out since before the New Year. Being one of the top third basemen doesn’t come easy. Charlie Blackmon has also been spotted doing some squats, getting ready for 2018. Our pitchers can’t be left off the list, with Carlos Estevez prepping for the new season. And of course Adam Ottavino showed his workout with Tim Lincecum, causing quite the Internet stir. Many of us may have intended to work out with the New Year, but the Rockies have proven that they are following through.

Colorado Rockies: An update on former Rockie Carlos Gonzalez | Rox Pile

Carlos Gonzalez has spent the last eight years with the Rockies, becoming a fan favorite. However, following a lackluster 2017, he became a free agent, and it has been questionable if the Rockies are interested in bringing him back. There have been a few whispers, but it seems doubtful overall, especially with our mostly young outfield. And ESPN Beisbol has reported that CarGo has had offers from the Astros, Giants, and Padres. While fans might like to see Gonzalez back in Denver, I find it unlikely that he’ll be our outfielder in 2018.

The Unrelenting Growth of Charlie Blackmon | Off The Bench

According to Jack Weinberg, an environmental activist primarily associated with the Free Speech Movement, we should “Never trust anyone over the age of 30.” While its original intent was not at all relevant to baseball, it holds pretty true in the sport. Daniel Epstein at Off The Bench argues that this does not apply to Charlie Blackmon, who in his 30-year-old season led the NL in several stats, won a Silver Slugger, and was a strong contender in the MVP voting. Epstein predicts what might be in Blackmon’s future, based on his current performance. I can only hope that Charlie will continue to trend up with his performance, and that he will continue to do so with the Rockies.

Buster Olney’s top 10 third basemen: Stars sizzle at the hot corner | ESPN ($)

Buster Olney tackles the task of ranking third basemen, and no Rockies fan (or Patrick Saunders) will be surprised to see where Nolan Arenado lands on the list.