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What’s in the cards for Nolan Arenado?

Rockies news and links for October 10, 2019

The Rockies are all-in as contenders; is Nolan Arenado? | Mile High Sports

There has been a question all year long about what will happen with Nolan Arenado. Arenado has expressed his belief that he will put on a Rockies jersey for another year. Colorado has shown that they are willing and able to be a winning team, and Arenado needs to be able to say one way or another if he plans to remain in Denver. The Rockies are trying to build a competitive team, and Arenado can certainly contribute, but the Rockies need to know if he’ll be there in the long run. Hopefully the Rockies are ready to consider negotiating a contract and encourage Arenado to make an important decision: to remain and aid in the Rockies’ goal of winning, or the alternative that many don’t want: a trade. Arenado has the potential to become a Denver sports legend, and can take us to a World Series one day. So it’s time to crack down, and we’ll see what decisions get made.

Colorado Rockies: Our exclusive conversation with GM Jeff Bridich | Rox Pile

Since Jeff Bridich took over as GM of the Rockies four years ago, the Rockies have improved in wins each year. Bridich took a risk in this past offseason, shelling out majorly for a super bullpen. He has always had a focus, though, on player development. Things didn’t always go smoothly in 2018, but the Rockies did come very close to clinching the division. Bridich, as well as Bud Black, are taking what they’ve learned in the hopes to grow. They’ve got the talent; the pitching rotation has improved by leaps and bounds. Black has been a huge get for the Rockies, and he can only help to get the Rockies to another winning season.