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Things to do before 2019

Rockies news and links for October 15, 2018

2019 Rockies face big questions about lagging offense, second base and late-game relievers | Denver Post ($)

There were some complicated feelings for the Rockies following their loss to the Brewers that ended their season. There was some serious frustration over the lack of offense in the 6-0 loss. However, there was still some optimism about the fact that the team made the playoffs two years in a row and that they showed some real promise. They need some work, but the Rockies have the potential to come back next year bigger and better.

There are a few things, though, that need to be accomplished in the offseason to achieve this goal. Ultimately, what did the Rockies in for the 2018 season was their lackluster offense. They were well below average in offensive statistics. The question is where they will try to get that power hitter in: first base or outfield? The Rockies will also likely have to seek a new second baseman. As DJ LeMahieu enters free agency, it doesn’t look like the Rockies are going to make a move for him. LeMahieu has had some major moments with the Rockies, and he has been valuable, but the Rockies seem to be looking for something just a little more. The outfield also remains something of a question mark, as things are currently uncertain about Gerardo Parra, Matt Holliday, and Carlos Gonzalez.

The bullpen could also use some rearranging, as things dragged for a bit there. The Rockies need to be ready to address these issues, and hope that 2019 can bring better things.

Colorado Rockies: Kyle Freeland’s 2018 pave the way for free agents? | Rox Pile

Coors Field definitely has a reputation. It’s not great, and it deters many players from wanting to play in Denver. This is especially true for pitchers, but Kyle Freeland’s 2018 season proved that pitchers can find success at Coors Field. This means that the Rockies might be able to attract more starters. They’ve proven themselves as contenders for the division, and strong starters could help the Rockies get that elusive title. The team spent big last year to develop a powerful bullpen. This year we might see some big bucks spent on getting another definitive starter.