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Can Jake McGee and Bryan Shaw shine next year?

Rockies news and links for October 17, 2018

Rockies Mailbag: Nolan Arenado update, hot stove questions, talking bullpen and more | Denver Post ($)

Patrick Saunders tackles fans’ questions once again in the mailbag. First, he answers a question about Bryan Shaw and Jake McGee. These two pitchers struggled greatly in 2018, and many might wish for a trade. However, these two are pretty valuable, and the Rockies are not likely to trade them away, especially as they are just going to enter the second year of their contracts. We have to hope that the relievers can turn things around and prove that adding them to the bullpen was a smart move.

Saunders also expressed surprise at the amount of booing fans did in that final game, sadness at the thought of losing DJ LeMahieu, and speculation about potential free agents the Rockies might pursue. Another fan asked the big question of what is to be done about Nolan Arenado. Saunders is staunchly in favor of doing what it takes to hang onto the star third-baseman. I agree, and I think that the best thing to see would be a winning Rockies team with Arenado on the roster. There would have to be some intricate negotiations, but it’d be great to keep Arenado in Denver. Saunders also discusses Matt Holliday’s health, the unlikelihood of a Jon Gray trade, and favorite moments of the 2018 season.

Rox’s No. 2 prospect Welker takes big step in ‘18 |

The Rockies have some amazing prospects, and third-baseman Colton Welker did some work in the 2018 season to prove that he can be included on this impressive list. He had a solid hitting performance in the minor leagues. Welker looks up to Nolan Arenado, current Rockies third baseman, and hopes to learn from him more than to compete for his spot. The Rockies have a lot of depth that they can watch develop, and hopefully Welker continues to shine.