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Colorado Rockies podcast: Emergency Wild Card game edition

Join the PDP guys for a group freakout session.

And it all comes down to this. After faltering in their pursuit of a division title this weekend and coming up short in yesterday’s tiebreaker game in Los Angeles, the Rockies are once more relegated to fighting for their playoff lives in the Wild Card Game. We’ll look back on what went wrong against the Dodgers, why Dodgers fans are so cocky despite needing a 163rd game to fend off the Rockies for the division crown, and what it means for the division.

Tonight, Colorado visits Chicago for a matchup with the surprisingly-non-division-champion Cubs at Wrigley Field. Denver’s own Kyle Freeland (he’s from Denver, had you heard that before?) goes to the hill with his hometown team’s season on the line. The Rockies have fared well at Wrigley in recent years. What has to go right tonight to save the season?

There isn’t much else to say for this one. Just try to enjoy the moment. It’s sudden death baseball, and it’s an EMERGENCY WILD CARD GAME FREAKOUT episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Swig some down to alleviate your nausea!