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NL Wild Card game 2018: Rockies vs. Cubs lineups, updates, results, discussion

The winner of the Rockies vs. Cubs game will go on to face the Brewers in the NLDS

Update: 11:08 MT


Update: 10:53 MT




Tony Wolters(!) singles in a run in the thirteenth, and the Rockies lead it 2-1!

Update: 10:42 MT

This game is headed to the thirteenth inning, and it is now the longest elimination game in MLB history. Time to pound a Red Bull and maybe, maybe, watch the Rockies score a run or four.

Update: 10:16 MT

Bizarre thing in the eleventh inning. The Cubs had two runners on with one out, and a ground ball went to Nolan Arenado at third base. He picked up the grounder and tagged out Javier Báez at third base. But while doing so, Báez hugged Arenado. All good and fun for baseball, but the ball was live! Bud Black came out to ask questions, but no changes to the play.

Update: 9:33 MT

Free baseball!

Update: 9:28 MT

The situation: Ninth inning, tie game, runner in scoring position. Ian Desmond is up, the count is 1-2, and he strikes out looking on this pitch.

Update: 9:08 MT

And it’s tied. Javier Báez, facing Adam Ottavino in his second inning of work, doubled in Terrence Gore to tie the game 1-1. There’s still baseball left, and the Rockies are not, contrary to the way that run felt, losing.

Update: 8:39 MT

This was how Kyle Freeland reacted when the Cubs loaded the bases due to a catcher’s interference.

Tommy LaStella was at the plate. That was the fourth time this season he reached due to catcher’s interference, which was the most in baseball.

BUT, there’s a but. Adam Ottavino was able to strike out Jason Heyward to end the inning.

Rockies up 1-0 still. Six outs to go.

Update: 8:27 MT

Kyle Freeland is finished after 6 23 truly outstanding innings — four hits, no runs, one walk, and six strikeouts. He did what the Rockies needed. Adam Ottavino is on to pitch.


Update: 8:18 MT

Ian Desmond singled in the seventh. That’s good!

Ian Desmond attempted to advance to second on a fly ball to left field and got thrown out. That’s bad.

Update: 8:08 MT

That was close. With a runner on first and one out, Kris Bryant popped up to right-fielder David Dahl. Except Dahl overran the ball and Bryant ended up safe at first base. It was an extremely catchable ball.

BUT, there’s a but. Kyle Freeland induced a double play to end the inning. Rockies up 1-0, heading to the seventh.



It’s about time to take note that Kyle Freeland is pitching a dang shutout in the Wild Card Game. Things are going well! Let’s just score some runs. Here’s some inspiration from Kyle:

Update, 7:22 MT

Matt Holliday hit a double! It’s like old times!

(If only he wasn’t stranded at second base.)

1-0 Rockies heading to the bottom of the third.

Update, 7:14 MT

Still 1-0 Rockies after three. Kyle Freeland is cruising so far. Here’s a look at what Cubs hitters are having to deal with tonight.

Update, 6:56 MT

No scoring in the second inning, just more Kyle Freeland-ness. 1-0 Rockies after two.

Update, 6:38

Kyle Freeland gives up a leadoff single, but he escapes the inning without giving up a run. Let’s hope this comes to pass:

Update, 6:24 MT

The Rockies scored a run in the first inning and lead the Wild Card game. DJ LeMahieu maybe probably should have gotten an RBI after hitting a double that got sucked up by the ivy and left Charlie Blackmon on third base. Nolan Arenado drove him home with a sacrifice fly.


Update, 5:52 MT

Lineups! Almost game time! Please don’t be like last year!

Also, I love that the Rockies went with the purple tops tonight.

Update, 3:12 MT

The Rockies have arrived.

Greetings, Rockies fan and/or internet stranger, and welcome to the second annual Purple Row NL Wild Card Game Live Blog. It is a tradition unlike any other.

The Rockies and Cubs face off tonight at 6:00 pm MT on ESPN (and ESPN2 for a StatCast-themed broadcast) for the chance to face off against the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Division Series beginning Thursday at 3:07 pm MT.

Both teams will send their ace lefties to the hill. Kyle Freeland gets the ball for the Rockies while Jon Lester makes his 22nd postseason start, 11th with the Cubbies. Here are the lineups, both featuring a lot of right-handed hitters. We’ll be back ahead of first pitch.