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Rockies in Milwaukee: Take 1

Rockies news and links for October 5, 2018

Three Reasons The Rockies Can Beat the Brewers in the NLDS | Rox Pile

The Rockies have shown time and again that they have what it takes to win. Then, going to Chicago, they beat out the Cubs to solidify their playoff spot. Now, they stand a decent chance to put up a good fight against the Brewers. First, they can lean heavily on their starting pitchers. The Brewers will likely turn to their bullpen early and often, which could spell trouble for them late in games. They’ve relied on offense to win games for them, so if the Rockies can capitalize on this, they’d be in good shape. The Rockies also have an advantage in Bud Black, who has had solid playoff experience. This is Craig Counsell’s first playoff appearance as a manager. Next up, the Rockies have a very deep bench that they are comfortable turning to. The Brewers are a wonderful team, and they’ve earned their spot in the playoffs. But so have the Rockies.

Jon Gray not included on NLDS roster | Mile High Sports

With the announcement of the NLDS roster, there was one major exception: Jon Gray. While Gray has at times shown that he can get the job done, he also lost game 161 12-2, has a 5.12 ERA and has given up a whopping 98 runs. Instead of Gray, we’ll see Tyler Anderson and young upstart DJ Johnson. Pat Valaika also missed out, with rookie Garrett Hampson. The Rockies will also get some veteran presence from Matt Holliday, Carlos Gonzalez, and Gerardo Parra. Let’s hope this combo is the one that can get the job done.

Anderson to start Game 2 for Rockies |

Tyler Anderson had his rough moments this season, but in his last regular season start, he was absolutely dominant. This has earned him the starting spot in Game 2 against the Brewers. When the alternative was Jon Gray, the decision was a bit easier. There was a question of what had caused Anderson’s issues, but he claims to be feeling better. He says that the execution is now there and he’s ready to face the Brewers. They have to be aggressive and hopefully get a win in Milwaukee before returning home to Coors Field for Game 3.

Rockies’ Nolan Arenado ready to shine on center stage in first postseason series | Denver Post ($)

As a Rockies fan, I am massively excited to see Nolan Arenado playing in purple in the playoffs. He has worked incredibly hard, and his dedication is paying off. This could be a big chance for the All-Star, which he, in true Arenado fashion, is hoping will be a chance for the Rockies. Every Rockies player is going to have the chance to be in the spotlight, so it’s time to shine, boys.

Adam Ottavino Has a Weakness | Fangraphs

2018 has been the year of Adam Ottavino. He came back from a tough 2017 to show that he is a star. However, one major issue with him is that he is slow to the plate. Statistically, he gives up more stolen bases than any other pitcher. His primary goal is getting the hitter out, and runners take advantage. As long as Otto can prevent hitters from getting on base, this isn’t a problem, but the Rockies need to watch out for the times that runners get on base.