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Rockies look to wake up offense and keep Rocktober rolling

Rockies news and links for Sunday, October 7, 2018

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Colorado Rockies: Wake up the offense before Rocktober ends | Rox Pile

Is it cold in here or did the Rockies’ offense just walk in? Thanks folks, I’ll be here all night. Following two dreadful performances in Milwaukee, it should be no surprise to anyone to hear the bats were left behind in Denver, and Aaron Hurt of Rox Pile discusses just how bad the Rockies have been this Postseason (and Game 163), and the mirage of a seemingly potent offense in the month of September.

The Rockies are running out of opportunities to continue their promising season, and they’ll have pick up where they left off at Coors Field (7.1 runs in seventeen home games last month) if they hope to make it to a Game 5 and eventually the NLCS.

Rockies need to make history vs. Brewers. Only 1 National League team has ever overcome a 2-0 deficit in NLDS | Denver Post

If the Rockies do make it into the next round of the playoffs, they’ll have to do so in historic fashion. As Matt Stephens of the Denver Post points out, since the introduction of the wild card team to baseball’s Postseason in 1995, only one NL team has ever overcome a 2-0 deficit in the NLDS (San Francisco over Cincinnati in 2012).

That’s some exclusive company, but the Rockies are set up well to force a Game 5 in Milwaukee for all the marbles with their two aces (Márquez and Freeland) pitching Games 3 and 4. The best part? That 2012 Giants club went on to win the World Series... *insert eyeballs emoji here*.

Rockies confident in ‘cool customer’ Marquez |

Before Bud Black’s announcement on Friday that German Márquez would start Game 3 at Coors Field on Sunday, there was plenty of discussion around whether or not it would be him or Kyle Freeland. As it turns out, Bud had a plan the whole time—German was his man.

According to Adam Berry of, manager and ace talked prior to the NLDS and discussed German’s role behind closed doors. Naturally, Márquez was full of confidence, and despite being in a 2-0 deficit, he remains cool as a cucumber—his 1.90 ERA over his last seven starts at home bodes well for the Rockies as they look to bounce back in Game 3.

CarGo eager for postseason’s return to Coors |

Nine years ago, Carlos González was playing in the NLDS with the Colorado Rockies—it was the last time the franchise had made it this far in the Postseason—and according to the three-time All-Star outfielder, it feels like yesterday. CarGo spoke to Thomas Harding about his emotions and outlook entering Game 3 and how he’s eager to have a second-chance at Postseason glory.

González has a track-record of success in playoff baseball for the Rockies. He went 10-for-17 in the four games against Philadelphia back in ‘09 (including a home run and two doubles), and was 5-for-8 at Coors Field. This Postseason he is 3-for-9 with a triple so far and looking to repeat his historical success against Milwaukee’s starter Wade Miley (.391/.417/.609 slash line, one homer and two doubles in 23 AB) in Game 3 of the series.

Colorado Rockies vs. Milwaukee Brewers: Weather outlook for Sunday | Rox Pile

Get ready for a wet and chilly one, Rockies fans. Temperatures will hover in the 40’s and 50’s for today’s game and include a heavy chance for precipitation in the evening. It’s sure to set the scene for a classic Postseason battle between the Rockies and Brewers and will be reminiscent of Colorado’s Home Opener this season, writes Kevin Henry of Rox Pile. Will the cold temps favor the home team? Only time will tell.

Rockies return to cold Coors Field trying to heat up, but there are risks involved against Milwaukee | The Athletic ($)

As a matter of fact, Nick Groke reveals that CarGo definitely does think the cold weather will be an advantage for the Rockies:

“I hope it snows,” veteran right fielder Carlos Gonzalez said Friday night in Milwaukee. “These guys aren’t used to that shit. They’re spoiled here.”

Them’s fightin’ words... and it’s great to see CarGo fired up. It’s also important to point out that German Márquez was the pitcher who started the Home Opener in frigid conditions at Coors Field back in April, but he says he’s learned from his mistake of underestimating the cold conditions since then. Mentally, the Rockies seem to be where they should be, so they’ll have to walk-the-walk and score some runs in order to avoid a sweep.

Chris Iannetta whiffed on a Joakim Soria offspeed pitch and snapped his bat into kindling over his knee | Cut 4

Chris Iannetta makes a baseball bat look like a toothpick in this video and frankly I’m in awe of his strength. The amount of frustration in his face is apparent, too, especially for Chris—someone who is so cool and collected on a regular basis. The fact that he is 0-for-8 in Postseason action so far is probably the root of this anger, but it’s possible Iannetta realized in that moment he forgot to DVR the latest episode of This Is Us... we’ll just never know.

More states rooting for Rockies than Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers | Yahoo Sports

That’s a lot of purple. If nothing else positive comes out of this NLDS, we’ll always have this map, thanks to The Colorado Rockies are America’s Team, for now, and hopefully we’ll continue to build on this relatively new popularity when we win the next two games at Coors Field, force Game 5 in Milwaukee, win it, and advance to the NLCS. Everybody loves a Cinderella story...