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Brewers 6, Rockies 0: Milwaukee sweeps Colorado out of playoffs

The Rockies were shutout for the second consecutive game

The Brewers swept the Rockies out of the 2018 playoffs after a 6-0 win at Coors Field on Sunday. It was, overall, a pretty awful thing to watch for Rockies fans, as they didn’t even get the joy of watching a competitive team take on another National League contender. Instead, they watched their team’s offense rollover and finish the season with something less than even a whimper.

Offensive offense

The Rockies scored in exactly one (1) inning of the 28 innings played during this series, and it wasn’t even a big inning. It was two (2) runs. The Rockies ended their season with two consecutive shutouts and didn’t score in the final 19 innings of the series. It’s not just poor outcomes, either. Everyone was pressing at the plate, and guys who consistently put up quality at bats over the final three weeks of the regular season were either flailing at balls or swinging at first pitches at the edge of the plate.

Less than perfect

Márquez was good, but he wasn’t perfect. He unfortunately needed to be perfect to give the Rockies a chance. He allowed two runs on seven hits in five innings pitched. Scott Oberg gave up the other two runs. He gave up a single and a double, but the runs scored on a balk and a wild pitch. He struck out three batters as well. Wade Davis gave up the other two runs in the ninth inning: solo shots by Orlando Arcia and Keon Broxton.

Up next

Spring training: February 2019. We’ll be here for all the stuff between now and then, too.