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What to do about Jon Gray

Rockies news and links for November 16, 2018

Rockies’ Jon Gray, working to build strength and confidence, has big plans for 2019 | Denver Post ($)

Jon Gray. The name alone conjures conflicting images of dominance on the mound as well as an inability to deliver in clutch situations. If anyone’s season could be considered a roller coaster, it was Jon Gray’s. He’s now feeling motivated, ready to use 2018 as a jumping off point to show what he can really do. He’s already added some bulk to his frame, ready to use his new strength to deliver results. He’s got more confidence, confessing that he hated the game at times last year, but has used it to work on himself. A lot is riding on Jon Gray, who has in the past been expected to be the Rockies’ ace. With his up and down performance in 2018, he might be walking a thin line. Hopefully he can find his stride and deliver when it counts in 2019.

Colorado Rockies: Exploring trading away Jon Gray | Rox Pile

There was a lot of talk regarding Jon Gray in the 2018 season. He started off so terribly, then found his way a bit more more, before returning to his pattern of lacking in high pressure situations. There has been some speculation about what to do with him in the new season. Gray is, at times, a valuable asset and incredible talent that the Rockies should hold onto. He has his moments, though, where we consider trade options. Noah Yingling at Rox Pile breaks down various teams that might want to stake a claim on Gray, and what they might have to offer.

Nolan Arenado finishes 3rd in National League MVP voting | Mile High Sports

The National League MVP winner was announced, and Rockies fans were disappointed to see it was Christian Yelich who won the award over Nolan Arenado. Yelich certainly had an MVP caliber season, with a phenomenal performance with the Brewers. Second place in the voting was Javy Baez. Jacob deGrom, who won the Cy Young Award for the NL. Arenado was up there, coming in third place, with just slightly lower numbers, largely due to his road performance. This is his fourth year in a row of finishing in the top 10 for MVP voting, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets that coveted title. Here’s hoping he wins it with the Rockies, who have not seen an MVP since Larry Walker in 1997.