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FanPost Friday: Rockies Thanksgiving

What are the Rockies thankful for in 2018?

Next week is Thanksgiving in the good ol’ US of A, a holiday officially dating back to the Civil War and entering law a few years later. In other words, Thanksgiving has never fallen during baseball season. So this is our attempt to shoehorn Thanksgiving into a baseball-related conversation, inspired by this tweet.

What are the Rockies thankful for in 2018?

There are a lot of things we could point to: lots of postseason awards, a playoff run resulting in the first home playoff game in nine years. We could also talk about the emergence (or even departure) of certain players. I would venture to say there are a few games in particular that should elicit thanksgiving. Despite the downer ending, 2018 was a great year. Tell us what those highlights were and what should be given thanks for around the table next Thursday.

Write up a FanPost (if you’ve never done one here are a couple handy guides for you) and tell us all about it. Make sure to include “FPF” in the title and we will post some of our favorites on the front page for Thanksgiving week.

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