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What might the 2019 Rockies look like?

Rockies news and links for November 19, 2018

Colorado Rockies simulation: Who ended up with these three players? | Rox Pile

Recently, the writers over at Rox Pile have had some simulated offseason moves to see how the Rockies might fare with different players. Ultimately, they opted for a more solid first baseman, and they worked to keep Adam Ottavino after his dominant relief work in 2018. The hypothetical simulation included an outcome for DJ LeMahieu. In the pretend situation, the Padres ended up with LeMahieu, and Carlos Gonzalez headed to the Chicago White Sox. Gerardo Parra also ended up with minimal attention, getting a deal with the Braves. Finally, in this simulation, both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado received some solid offers, which may eventually have some effect on the Rockies’ decisions. Again, none of this is in any way real, but it’s still fun to speculate on what might happen in the offseason.