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Potential trade moves for the Rockies

Colorado Rockies: Examining a trade for Noah Syndergaard | Rox Pile

There is some buzz that Noah Syndergaard will get a fair amount of interest in the trade market. He’s done well as a starting pitcher in the last few year, and the Mets would likely expect to get a lot for him. His numbers are good, but he also suffers from more than his fair share of injuries. However, the Rockies might consider taking a look at him, as they have plenty of pitchers to help fill out the roster. Tyson Crocker at Rox Pile outlines some options the Rockies might look at in a trade, such as trading valuable prospects along with Jon Gray. He even suggests, evocatively, trading Nolan Arenado for Syndergaard. These are some out there options, but it would be interesting to see if the Rockies show any interest in the starting pitcher.