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Rockies to focus on offense this offseason

Rockies news and links for November 3, 2018

Bridich: Rockies’ offseason focus is offense |

Free agency has officially begun and that means we will be inundated pretty much daily for the next few weeks at least with nonstop free agent signings. Rockies reporters spoke with GM Jeff Bridich for a conference call on Friday morning to discuss the upcoming offseason. Thomas Harding recounts the talks of Nolan Arenado’s future with the team, improving the offense, the lack of qualifying offers extended to such players as Adam Ottavino and DJ LeMahieu, and the future of Bud Black as team manager — he and the Rockies have a mutual option in 2020. The General Managers begin on Monday in Carlsbad, CA and the Rockies season will become clear as those start to unfold.

2018-19 Top 50 MLB Free Agents With Predictions | MLB Trade Rumors

Speaking of free agents, Tim Dierkes ranks who he believes are the top 50 free agents and offers predictions of where they will land. There are some surprises and some not-surprises. Among the not-surprises, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are predicted to get long term deals and get paid. Harper (no. 1) is predicted to go to the Dodgers for 14 years/$420 million and Machado (no. 2) is expected to transfer to the Phillies for 13 years/$390 million. Patrick Corbin ranks high at number three, where he is expected to return home to New York to play for the Yankees at a price of 6 years/$129 million. Among the surprises are that the only free agent predicted to sign with the Rockies is Astros catcher Martin Maldonado, who is predicted at 2 years/$8 million. Among other surprises are the fact that the White Sox, Orioles, Pirates, Marlins, and Diamondbacks are not expected to sign anyone.

Adam Ottavino (no. 21) is predicted to go to the Yankees for 3 years/$30 million and DJ LeMahieu (no. 33) is predicted to go to the Tigers for 2 years/$18 million.