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Could Nolan Arenado someday be a Yankee?

Rockies news and links for November 30, 2018

Colorado Rockies rumors: Yankees preparing for a run at Nolan Arenado? | Rox Pile

The Rockies certainly hope that they can keep Nolan Arenado in Denver, but there are others who might be interested in the third baseman. The Yankees are one such team, one that might be willing to hold out and pool resources to snag him. Jeff Bridich has indicated that things are in the works, but nothing definitive has come out about Arenado’s future. His work ethic and pure passion for the game makes him a hot commodity around the league. It’ll come down to who can offer him the best kind of deal for how fantastic a player he is.

Colorado Rockies: Could Ian Desmond really be part of a trade package? | Rox Pile

There’s a lot of speculation about various trades that might take place. One included a trade for Ian Desmond, leading us to wonder if this kind of thing could be feasible. Desmond still has $38 million left on his contract, and any team that might pick him up would probably be stuck with the rest of the contract. Desmond could be a realistic option for another team, but would the Rockies be so willing? Desmond put up dreadful numbers for the majority of 2018, but we could usually expect to see him at first base. Bud Black sought out some veteran leadership, which there were glimpses of, and Desmond could play better for Denver in the outfield. It seems that the Rockies are likely to hang onto Desmond until the end of his contract.

To land big fish, Rox must be willing to sacrifice |

The Rockies are showing interest in some big names, like Carlos Santana, Noah Syndergaard, and J.T. Realmuto. In order to have any shot at getting them, though, the Rockies need to be prepared to give up some of their big names. The Rockies are desperate for some offense, so they might have to pay big. We’ll see if the Rockies can do what it takes to find the sweet spot for victory.

Rusin avoids arbitration with 1-year deal |

Rusin did not make much noise in 2018, but this was largely due to multiple injuries. In order to avoid arbitration, he went ahead and signed a one-year deal. The Rockies are hoping he can have a solid rebound season in the bullpen.