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FanPost Friday: Which free agent should the Rockies try to sign?

Make your case

MLB free agency officially got underway this week and by all accounts the stove will be hot!

What’s more, Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich has dropped hints that the Rockies will be involved in a substantial way this year:

Over the next several weeks we’re going to be offering some free agent profiles (like this one on Patrick Corbin) as well as profiles on potential trade targets for the Rockies. But what I want to know (inspired by Max Rieper at Royals Review):

Which free agent(s) should the Rockies target and what kind of contract would you give him?

In case you need help, Grant Brisbee profiled the top 50 free agents and Jon Heyman found an “expert” to offer predictions for the top 131 free agents. Pick a name (or series of names, if you’re ambitious) and make the case why he would be a valuable addition to the 2019 Colorado Rockies. Points for coherence, plausibility, and creativity (but the rules are made up and the points don’t matter so do what you will).

Write up a FanPost (if you’ve never done one here are a couple handy guides for you) and tell us all about it. Make sure to include “FPF” in the title and we will post some of our favorites on the front page next week.

Start your FanPost today!