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How can we heat up Rockies’ bats?

Rockies news and links for November 7, 2018

Colorado Rockies rumors: How GM Jeff Bridich will improve the offense | Rox Pile

Offense will undoubtedly be a focus of the Rockies in the 2018 offseason. The lack of bats was a contributing factor to missing out on the division title. The team could go a couple different ways to try and accomplish this. They could try to develop the young players they currently have, like David Dahl, Ryan McMahon, and Garrett Hampson. They might also try to bring in a veteran who can hopefully be reliable. Bridich is currently leaning toward a mixture of the two components. The Rockies have some true talent in their young players, but a veteran can provide more consistency, and would be more prepared to face a variety of situations. There is a lot up in the air in this offseason, but if the Rockies hope to have another playoff appearance next year, offense certainly needs to improve.

Colorado Rockies rumors: Dodgers showing interest in DJ LeMahieu | Rox Pile

There’s some speculation that our division rivals are interested in DJ LeMahieu. The Rockies did not give him a qualifying offer, and he’s likely to be a hot commodity. He’s a three-time Gold Glove Winner, and steadfastly held his own at second base. Some might argue that he’s far better at Coors Field, which the numbers reflect, but he’s still better than any second-baseman the Dodgers currently have. Time will tell if LeMahieu will stay in Denver or will go to play for our division rival.