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Coming out of the Winter Meetings

Rockies news and links for December 14, 2018

Rockies’ Jeff Hoffman has raw talent to make rotation; can he harness it? | Denver Post ($)

Right hander Jeff Hoffman has been with the Rockies since 2015, when he was a big part of the Troy Tulowitzki trade. He’s been a quiet element of the team, not bringing his potential to the table. This doesn’t bode well, but Jeff Bridich is maintaining hope that he can deliver. Bridich has seen some greatness in the pitcher, but he acknowledges that now is kind of final chance times. We haven’t seen much of him in the major leagues, but even what he’s shown in the minors leaves much to be desired.

The Rockies find themselves in a rumor of a trade with Edwin Encarnacion from the Cleveland Indians. He’s something of an odd choice, being older and having $20 million still on his contract. Encarnacion is not the greatest defensive player, but he’s got some offense that we could use. After the 2018 season, this kind of move with offense in mind is exactly what we need.

There’s also the matter of Charlie Blackmon and a potential move to right or left field out of center. With the lasting contract the Rockies gave him and the fact that he’s 32, he needs to think about protecting his body. This would be easier to do in a corner. There are other options for center field, so this might be a good plan.

Colorado Rockies rumors: Team still plans to add “big bat” in offseason | Rox Pile

With the chance to get Carlos Santana and Edwin Encarnacion looking less and less likely for the Rockies, the options for finding a powerful hitter in the offseason are getting slimmer. That’s still the goal, though, according to Jeff Bridich. The Rockies are still hoping for a first base stunner as well. It’s nothing but rumors still, but we might speculate that the Rockies will sign a free agent rather than work out a trade.

Colorado Rockies Day 4 Quick Hits: Winter Meetings rumors and news | Rox Pile

Rather unsurprisingly, the Rockies walked out of the Winter Meetings without making any kind of big move or trade. However, Jeff Bridich was quick to point out that just because nothing definitive came out of the meetings, this doesn’t mean that nothing will come out of the conversations that got started. Kevin Henry at Rox Pile also brought up Raimel Tapia with Jeff Bridich, and Bridich doesn’t rule him out. 2018 wasn’t a great year for Tapia, but if he can just capitalize on his talent and go for opportunities as they arise, he might find more success.