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Colorado Rockies podcast: Offseason doldrums and 2019 possibilities

Purple Dinosaur Podcast, the December episode

You, the loyal PDP fan, have been clamoring for a new episode in recent weeks, so here we are. And it’s great to be here to talk about, uh, the Rockies new hitting coach and re-acquisition of Chris Robago? We’ll attempt to make some lemonade out of those news lemons.

But really though, what is the plan for this offseason? Will Jeff Bridich finally decide he’s ready to trade prospects for established big league talent to fill yawning chasms of productivity in his lineup? Or will he stick with his young guys and maybe — wait for it — actually give Bud Black the go-ahead to play them in 2019? They’ve gotta do something! Plus, what does the Rockies’ reluctance to discuss dealing Brendan Rodgers say about Nolan Arenado’s possible future in purple pinstripes?

Plus Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame candidacy is finally getting its moment in the spotlight. While Walker might not make it into the Hall this year, his support is skyrocketing. We’ll take a look at what that means for his chances going forward.

It’s the 154th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Wrap it up and toss it under the tree to be underwhelmed with it come Christmas morn’!