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Will the Rockies sign a free agent outfielder to help their anemic offense?

Rockies news and links for Sunday, December 2, 2018

Colorado Rockies: Could Andrew McCutchen be a fit for the outfield? | Rox Pile

In this rumor-fueled hot stove article, Rox Pile’s Noah Yingling gives his thoughts on the recent speculation from Mike Petriello that the Rockies would be a top-5 landing spot for former MVP and five time All-Star Andrew McCutchen. Noah recognizes how Andrew would help the Rockies offensively, coming off a 120 wRC+ season, but suggests he might not be a great fit overall due to his potential defensive struggles in expansive Coors Field.

Personally, I would love to see McCutchen play for the Rockies. Off the field, there is nothing to dislike about the guy. He can play center field if the Rockies decide to move Blackmon to a corner, or right field if Dahl is up the middle. The biggest problem, as Noah point out, might just be that having McCutchen in the outfield means Ian Desmond is more committed to playing first base regularly again... and we all know how that is going.

Should Colorado Rockies target Billy Hamilton for the outfield? | Rox Pile

If speed and defense are more your style, Kevin Henry has the low-down on how recently non-tendered free agent and ultimate speed demon Billy Hamilton might fit with the Rockies. Yes, it would be a spectacular sight to see Billy roaming the outfield at Coors, chasing down fly balls and leaping into the Bridich Barrier to rob opposing hitters of extra bases. He would also add a speed threat to the club that hasn’t been seen since the days of Willy Taveras or Juan Pierre—a level of excitement that has been missing for seasons.

However, like McCutchen, Hamilton has his flaws that ultimately won’t work out for the Rockies. Since he became a consistent starter for the Reds in 2014, he hasn’t posted a season with a wRC+ over 79 while his OBP has hovered at or below .300—not exactly the offensive upgrade we’ve all been hoping for. So if speed is your thing, it might just be best to root for more opportunities and a breakout year for Raimel Tapia.

Colorado Rockies: Sam Howard move setting stage for free agent? | Rox Pile

And lastly, in a busy day from Rox Pile, Kevin Henry asks a very good question about the Rockies latest roster move: does non-tendering Sam Howard—and consequently opening a spot on the 40-man roster—mean the Rockies plan on targeting a free agent in the coming days or weeks?

Maybe it’s Andrew McCutchen, maybe it’s Billy Hamilton, or maybe it’s a catcher, first baseman, or God of Thunder. Whoever it may be, the Winter Meetings are approaching quickly and Jeff Bridich has said he wants to add another offensive weapon to the lineup. Regardless, one thing I expect to be true this offseason: it will be a lot of fun.

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