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The first basemen of Rockies’ past, present and future

Rockies news and links for December 20, 2018

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Colorado Rockies: What numbers tell us about recent first basemen | Rox Pile
In the five years since Todd Helton retired, the Colorado Rockies have seen a revolving door of players at the first base position. It’s not to say that all have been bad, but Mark Reynolds was the only one to lead in games played at the position for multiple seasons (2016 and 2017). Reynolds was quite good in his time as the regular first baseman, as was Justin Morneau in 2014 and the times in which he was healthy in 2015.

Otherwise, the combination of Jordan Pacheco, Michael Cuddyer (who was a good hitter for the Rox but did not primarily play first base), Ben Paulsen, Gerardo Parra, Stephen Cardullo, Wilin Rosario, Daniel Descalso, Jordan Patterson (in only two starts at the position), Ryan Raburn and Cristhian Adames did not get the job done.

The current 40-man roster includes Ian Desmond, Ryan McMahon and Pat Valaika, who have not shown well during their time spent at first base thus far. The argument can certainly be made that McMahon should be given more playing time before being declared incapable, but as Kevin Henry of Rox Pile writes, the Rockies still find themselves looking for stability at a position where a strong offensive player is key.

Time will tell what’s next for Troy Tulowitzki after working out for nearly a dozen teams | Yahoo Sports
At the shortstop position, the Rockies have had anything but a revolving door after Troy Tulowitzki was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. Trevor Story has developed into one of the best shortstops in the game, helping to make the transition an easy one. Tulowitzki, meanwhile, is now looking for employment after he was released by the Bluebirds last week. Several teams watched Tulowitzki’s workout on Tuesday, with the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres representing the National League West foes in attendance. Needless to say, the Rockies don’t have much of an interest. Tulowitzki is looking for a full-time job and does not appear to be settling for any less, writes Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, who had high praise for the infielder’s exhibition on Tuesday.

Rosenthal: Voting for new names on a Hall of Fame ballot that finally has room to breathe | The Athletic ($)
Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic has had a difficult time in recent years saying “no” to certain players on his Hall of Fame ballot (a flaw in which I wish many other voters would acquire, given the number of five player or less ballots I have witnessed). This year, Rosenthal describes his ballot as finally able to breathe and his ten choices were a bit easier. Of interest to Rockies fans, Rosenthal is a +1 vote for Larry Walker on his ballot, though Todd Helton is not included. Personally, I’m unable to see Fred McGriff or Mike Mussina as superior to Helton, but I digress. It’s good to see the love for Walker.

Free agents who sign with new teams are not disloyal | NBC Sports
In response to a headline of “Michael Brantley leaves Indians to sign with Astros,” Craig Calcaterra discusses the hypocrisy behind players being considered traitors after not re-signing with an organization, while teams who let players go are not given the same scrutiny. There will undoubtedly be Washington Nationals fans who have ill feelings towards Bryce Harper if he signs with another team and Chicago Cubs fans who feel the same way if Kris Bryant joins another club. In the case of Brantley, it’s even worse to have such rhetoric as the Cleveland Indians put in little to no effort to re-sign him, at least based on public knowledge. We should keep this in mind if DJ LeMahieu or Adam Ottavino sign with another team.of

There’s more news about Addison Russell and his former relationships | Bleed Cubbie Blue
Sara Sanchez of Bleed Cubbie Blue has done an incredible job of tracking every step of the ongoing allegations surrounding Cubs’ shortstop Addison Russell. Additional information regarding Russell came out on Tuesday afternoon when the mother of Russell’s first daughter revealed some additional information that had not previously been public knowledge from Melisa Reidy’s already troubling accounts of the physical and emotional abuse she had suffered. Russell is eligible to return from his suspension on May 3rd, and all indications are that the Cubs will be keeping him around.

I am ready to play for the Royals if they are interested | Royals Review
A Fast Horse thinks he can make the Kansas City Royals even faster, as he posits in a guest column for Royals Review. The Royals have a lot of speedsters on their team, but A Fast Horse would undoubtedly best them all and would be far cheaper for the rebuilding team too!

Sarris: How many good young players does a team really need in order to compete? | The Athletic ($)
While having good young talent is often seen as important in today’s game, what may be most vital is having good players now and money to spend to augment a roster. Eno Sarris of The Athletic provides a detailed analysis of just how important a young core really is.