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Todd Helton will spend some time on the Hall of Fame ballot

Rockies news and links for December 24, 2018

Todd Helton won’t make the Hall of Fame this year, but there’s still time | Mile High Sports

Todd Helton, the Toddfather, is a fan favorite in Denver. He’s on the Hall of Fame ballot, but he’ll be on there for a while still. There have only been two to four players inducted each year, and it’s not likely Helton will be one of them. It’s been suggested that the four will be Edgar Martinez, Mariano Rivera, Mike Mussina, and either Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens, depending on how some things shake out. Helton ranks pretty near to these guys in terms of numbers, but there are always those who will argue the Coors Field effect. There is the question of steroids with some of these statistics, which affects some of the consideration. However, regardless, Helton’s career just doesn’t quite measure up. He’s a fantastic player, legendary in Colorado, but he’ll remain on the ballot for the time being.

Colorado Rockies podcast: Let’s talk about the Daniel Murphy signing | Rox Pile

The biggest move for the Rockies in this offseason has been the Daniel Murphy signing. They agreed to a 2-year, $24 million contract, bringing on another veteran player who can hopefully bolster the lineup. There’s been some varied opinions on this signing. Some are not thrilled at the idea of another forced fill to first base. After Ian Desmond struggled last year, it’s not exactly ideal that we’ve got another veteran playing outside of his general role. But while he’s not likely to be a defensive rockstar, the Rockies can hope that he’ll make up for it with offensive production. The Rockies have always been one of the better infields, so maybe this is an attempt to get something of a balance.