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Merry Christmas from Purple Row

Rockies news and links for Tuesday, December 25, 2018

To those who are celebrating, Merry Christmas from Purple Row! For those who are not celebrating, Happy Tuesday When Everything Is Closed But Hopefully You At Least Have The Day Off!

This time of year tends to be slow in the baseball calendar news-wise, but there’s still plenty of fun stuff to check out once you’re done opening presents, or while you’re waiting in line to see a movie, or to help you avoid talking to your aunt about her latest multi-level-marketing scheme.

One player for every team on Christmas day |

For some, Christmas means Santa and Santa means Christmas gifts. Will Leitch takes it upon himself to play MLB's Santa by finding one free agent or trade candidate that will help each team. For the Rockies he offers a gift that the team actually went out and got for themselves without telling anybody but this might be nicer, so maybe they'll just take back what they bought, or maybe they'll see if they can re-gift it to someone else.

The most dominating pitches of 2018 |

One special gift the Rockies received this year was dominant pitching. One of the special gifts baseball received a few years ago was StatCast. Mike Petriello uses the later to highlight the former.

10 superlative moments from 2018 MLB season |

Speaking of Mike Petriello and StatCast, he looks back at some of the best, most interesting, most exciting, most WOW plays of 2019. Yes, the Rockies show up, but only for good reasons. See if you can guess what it was.

Christmas wish list for Rockies Hall of Fame candidates | Mile High Sports

Luke Zahlmann takes the Christmas List idea and grants Christmas wishes to those former Rockies on the Hall of Fame ballot (minus Roy Oswalt). Would these wishes be enough to push Todd Helton and Larry Walker over the top?

Baseball Hall of Fame 2019: Purple Row community ballot | Purple Row

The annual Purple Row Community Hall of Fame ballot has been posted. The first year we had 122 votes. Last year, 265. Let's keep that rate going and get over 500 votes (and see if we can actually elect more than one player this year).