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What if the Rockies don’t do anything else this offseason?

Rockies news and notes for December 29, 2018

With no reason to stop, Rockies must continue their run in free agency | Mile High Sports

Luke Zahlman from Mile High Sports discusses many of the free agent options still on the market that could help the Rockies improve in key areas — at and behind the plate, mostly. But he ends with a thought that may be creeping among Rockies fans: If the Rockies don’t do anything else, will they be in any better of a position to finally catch the Dodgers and win a division title?

On the one hand, the Rockies very nearly did catch the Dodgers and win that elusive title in 2018. But, on the other hand, it took a pitching staff that exceeded expectations by quite a bit to do it. Those same guys will all be back, but whether or not everyone will be just as good and just as healthy remains to be seen.

Still the Dodgers haven’t done that much so far to greatly improve their team. They signed reliever Joe Kelly and traded Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Alex Wood for nobody that is likely to help the team win in 2019. So the same question can be asked of the Dodgers: If they don’t do anything else this offseason, are they going to be in a better position to fend off a Rockies team, which should have an improved offense, for a second year in a row? The answer to that is no less clear than the answer to the first question.

There is, unfortunately, yet a third question to consider: Which team, the Rockies or Dodgers, are more likely to really do nothing else this offseason? If history is any indication, we already know the answer to that one.

10 players whose names you’ll learn in 2018 |

Well we already know the name of the guy described here as both the future and the present of the Rockies: Brendan Rodgers. Will Leitch discusses Rodgers as the natural choice for second base, as well as the natural hot corner mainstay if that sad thing nobody wants to talk about happens.

How Rodgers looks during spring training will be one of the most interesting storylines out of Arizona. He’s already a stone’s throw from the majors, and if he hits the ground running come March, the Rockies will have to make a tough decision. It’s one that will likely include a discussion about the ethics of keeping a star player in the minors to secure an extra year of team control.

10 hitters who made impressive debuts |

“Impressive” is measured by Statcast here, and the Rockies player who impressed was Garrett Hampson. Hampson’s sprint speed was tied for seventh in the majors in 2018. That is, as author Mark Simon notes, “elite.” Hampson is the type of player I really love on this Rockies team. I wouldn’t feel great if they needed to count on him to be the every day second baseman, but he could prove to be extremely valuable as a depth option.