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Todd Helton’s Hall of Fame case and a different statistic

Rockies news and links for Friday, December 7, 2018

Cold Takes: Rarefied Air | Baseball Prospectus ($)

Patrick Dubuque talks through the new metric DRC+ and the potential impact on Hall of Fame cases for the Rockies. We talked through the hopefulness of this stat for Rockies hitters and the Coors bias this week. Any efforts to reconsider this long-held bias are welcome, of course, and especially for the Hall and guys like Larry Walker and Todd Helton.

There have been lots of weird ballparks that rendered lots of unique advantages over baseball’s history. Why is Coors Field the one where people want the games and stats to count less? Hopefully DRC+ will help us to keep digging in on that question.

Is third base passing first base as baseball’s power position? | ESPN

Sam Miller poses a question that is relevant to the Rockies in more than one way. Yes, Nolan Arenado appears in the photo accompanying the article. Yes, Ian Desmond is the Rockies’ first baseman. Those two yeses make the answer “yes” to the question posed by Miller, at least in Denver. Now just imagine what the Rockies lineup would look like if they had a throwback power first baseman to go along with their generational third baseman.

Mets, Others Involved In J.T. Realmuto Market | MLB Trade Rumors

Buried in this long roundup is a note about the Rockies and their potential interest in Miami’s star catcher. They have “checked in,” insofar as that tells us anything. Unfortunately the heat on Realmuto probably drives up the cost in a trade for a Rockies franchise already reluctant to deal premium prospects.

Colorado Rockies: Will there be little movement during Winter Meetings? | Rox Pile

The Rockies need to make some moves, but Aaron Hurt suggests the moves might not be coming soon. That seems about right, especially because the question of Arenado’s future will hang over any decisions and might slow things down initially.