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Rockies’ prospect Josh Fuentes making a name for himself

Rockies news and links for Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rockies Prospect Josh Fuentes Making a Name for Himself | La Vida Baseball
Josh Fuentes is not simply here because his cousin is Nolan Arenado. Three consecutive seasons of excellent offensive production in the minor leagues has proven as much, culminating with Pacific Coast League Most Valuable Player honors in 2018. The Colorado Rockies organization also afforded Fuentes the opportunity to showcase his skillset in the Arizona Fall League after this season concluded. Having more Triple-A experience than any of his cohorts, Fuentes was revered immediately and went on to hit over .300 during his time in the AFL. Arenado was also on hand to watch and Fuentes recalls looking to the stands to see Arenado giving him pointers after an unsuccessful at-bat. At La Vida Baseball, Jose Romero profiles Fuentes’ unconventional path on a road to the Major Leagues.

Elegy for ‘18 - Colorado Rockies | FanGraphs
The latest edition of Dan Szymborski’s “Elegy for ‘18” series at FanGraphs features the Rockies. If you followed the Rockies in 2018, it won’t surprise you to see an excellent starting rotation and a poor offense as driving factors for the Rox. Szymborski posits that it’s time for the Rockies to do something about their poor hitting situation by treating young players as “potential contributors… rather that [sic] as inconveniences for mediocre veterans.” As for Bryce Harper, Szymborski argues “there’s no team in baseball that needs him more.”

The Rockies need to add offense this offseason to end the Dodgers’ run of NL West dominance | CBS Sports
Jonah Keri of CBS Sports similarly feels that adding a couple of potent bats to the lineup will do wonders for the Rockies if they wish to go from simply “sqeak[ing] in” to the postseason to “legitimate threats to make it to the World Series.” Primarily, the bats of Carlos González and Ian Desmond need to be replaced with far better options. Keri also believes it would be wise for the Rox to explore additional arms in the bullpen, perhaps as simply as starting the 2019 season with Jeff Hoffman as a reliever.

2018 Sportsperson of the Year: Kyle Freeland | Mile High Sports
Hometown product Kyle Freeland was selected as Sportsperson of the Year for Mile High Sports. Doug Ottewill, Aniello Piro and Shawn Drotar all make their own case for why the talented left-hander’s 2018 season was so special.