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What would a completely homegrown Rockies team look like?

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Rockies news and links for February 10, 2018

If Every Team Was Homegrown: NL West | Baseball America
Baseball America looks at what the National League West would look like if all teams had a homegrown roster. Notably, this would allow the Arizona Diamondbacks to bring back Max Scherzer, and for the San Diego Padres to bring back Corey Kluber. For the Rockies, Troy Tulowitzki, Corey Dickerson, and Dexter Fowler would likely return to the daily lineup. Baseball America has Jhoulys Chacin and Eddie Butler penciled into the starting rotation, but Tyler Anderson and Chad Bettis could easily beat them out for those spots. You can check out the entire starting lineup and honorable mentions for the Rockies and all teams in the division at the above link.

Colorado Rockies: Want to win in 2018? Young guys have to step up | Rox Pile
It will take some of the young homegrown talent on the roster’s current iteration to step up in 2018, posits Rox Pile’s Luke Mullins. He mentions Ryan McMahon, David Dahl, and Trevor Story as significant roster pieces that need to take steps forward in the coming year.

Colorado Rockies: Stop playing like a small market team | Rox Pile
Of course, there are still many options that remain available in free agency, so an argument exists that staying homegrown (like a significant portion of the Rockies’ projected Opening Day roster currently is) isn’t the best option currently available. With JD Martinez, among others, still on the market, Rox Pile’s Olivia Greene proposes that the time is right for Rockies ownership to open the wallets and stop playing as if they are a small-market team.

The 2018 All-KATOH Team | FanGraphs
Not all prospects that make the national “top 100” lists are going to be stars, but there will also be some very good MLB players not enshrined on those lists as well. KATOH is a projection system that predicts major league success using statistics from players’ minor league seasons. An “all-star team” of KATOH prospects would include three Rockies- second baseman Garrett Hampson, outfielder Wes Rogers, and starting pitcher Ryan Castellani. FanGraphs provides an intriguing analysis about each player, with reasons they may and may not be successful in the big leagues.

Nolan Arenado and his family of baseball players hosted a pickup game in the street | Cut4
There truly is no offseason for Nolan Arenado, as he and his family hosted a pickup game of baseball in the street on Thursday. Evidently, Arenado and his kin “did a tremendous job of avoiding cars that were driving by.”