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Rockies pitchers and catchers report to spring training today

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Rockies news and links for February 14, 2018

Pitchers and catchers report today for the Rockies! There are no games until next week. But pitchers and catchers report today for the Rockies!

On to today’s links.

2018 Rockies Preview: Competition is high for the corner outfield spots | Mile High Sports

The question of who will play in the corners of the outfield still remains. It will come down to performance in Spring Training. With time running out, things are not looking good for resigning Carlos Gonzalez, so there is no certainty in right field. The four players vying for the two spots are Ian Desmond, Gerardo Parra, David Dahl, and Raimel Tapia. The Rockies are undoubtedly hoping for good things from Desmond, who signed a huge deal with the team only to be plagued by injuries in his first year in Denver. Desmond could also provide some veteran action on a very young team. Parra is another serious contender. He rallied in 2017, stepping way up after an off 2016 season. Parra contributes not only on the field, but off as well.

Anyone can see the positive impact he has on his teammates, creating a friendly, upbeat culture for the team. Dahl impressed us all, coming up from the minors to hit in 17 straight games. He, too, suffered from injuries and was unable to provide much action later in the season. Tapia had some strong moments in 2017. He had his down times, too, but his speed and hitting ability ensure that we will keep an eye on him this year. All four of these candidates have a ton of potential, and the competition for the two spots will be very tight.

Catcher competition on display in camp |

The outfield isn’t the only part of the field in high contention. It’s coming down to Tom Murphy, Tony Wolters, who are mostly neck and neck, and Chris Iannetta. After Murphy suffered an injury in last year’s Spring Training, Wolters took over as the primary catcher, at least until Jonathan Lucroy came to town. Wolters played well for us last year, hitting something of a slump later on. Murphy, in his 12 games, didn’t have much chance to prove himself offensively, but he did hit well in 2016. Given the number of catchers the team used last year, it is completely likely that we will see both play. Performances in Spring Training will determine who will play on Opening Day. Bud Black will also be looking at some minor-league catchers, keeping an eye out for someone who might soon be ready for the majors.

Colorado Rockies: The predicament of Carlos Gonzalez | Rox Pile

Carlos Gonzalez is still a question mark for the Rockies. He remains unsigned, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the Rockies will sign him, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t. Yes, last year was a rough year for CarGo, but he did provide the Rockies with some great playing in the past. It’s hard to say exactly what happened last year, but it’s possible that it was just a fluke. And that’s what Gonzalez and his agent, Scott Boras, will try to convince any team they attempt to make a deal with. Boras might create a bit of an issue for Gonzalez. All offseason long, he has been holding out for better offers for his clients. However, many teams are not willing to spend large amounts, creating a stalemate. Although there are some who would like to see CarGo back in Denver, it is looking less and less likely that we’ll see him in a Rockies uniform in 2018.

Colorado Rockies: Will the same formula work in 2018? | Rox Pile

Last year was the best season the Rockies have had in a decade. Bud Black provided a new, fresh leadership to the team. Watching him interact with his players was a true joy, and it was imminently clear the positive impact he had. Add to this the surprising young players, who stepped up and wowed us all. We’ve got David Dahl, Mike Tauchman, Brendan Rodgers, and Ryan McMahon, all of whom have some really exciting potential.

The Rockies killed it in a lot of ways in 2017, but there are things that they need to keep an eye on for a successful 2018. The Rockies need to take an early lead in the division, but they also need to be able to hang onto it. They have to watch out for the Dodgers, who stomped us last year in the NL West. We’re all hoping that 2018 is our World Series year, but we’ll have to take last year, the good and the bad, to grow into the team that can make it happen.

Dodgers To Re-Sign Chase Utley | MLB Trade Rumors

The Dodgers will be bringing back 39-year-old Chase Utley. Utley has apparently signed a two-year, $2 million deal. Despite his age and his diminishing performance over the past few years, the organization is bringing him back, likely as more of a backup player.