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FanPost Friday: Rockies spring training games are here!

What has you most excited about the Rockies starting spring training?

MLB: Colorado Rockies-Workouts Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is here. The long cruel winter is over. Baseball games are being played in Florida and Arizona featuring actual professional teams. The start of the regular season is just over a month away. As such, we are reviving last spring’s FanPost Friday because we’d like to know what Rockies fans think of having baseball back.

What are you most looking forward to this spring training?

Of course, I would imagine most responses would be focused on Rockies spring training, but I won’t limit you if you’re just super jazzed to see Christian Yelich in a Brewers uniform (for some reason). But we want to know what you’re following this spring training.

Are you taking a trip to watch some games under the sun that you’d like to brag about? (If you are, be sure to peek this crowd-sourced guide from Purple Row readers). Are you extremely interested in how the outfield will shake out (especially with Gerardo Parra’s injury)? Or is it simply seeing some of our favorite players and pet prospects on the field?

Write up a FanPost (if you’ve never done one here are a couple handy guides for you) and tell us all about it. Make sure to include “FPF” in the title and we will post some of our favorites on the front page over the course of the next week.

Start your FanPost today!