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Chris Iannetta is the Rockies’ Renaissance man on Twitter

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Iannetta is a must follow for fun interaction and wine tips

Chris Iannetta is the Rockies’ Twitter Renaissance Man.

According to Urban Dictionary, that means Iannetta is “a person who is ‘enlightened’ in all subject matter including arts, math, athletics, philosophy, music, history, and any other cultural aspect of society.” Iannetta’s Twitter feed shows his fluency in each of these subjects.

If Charlie Blackmon is finding himself on Twitter and Gerardo Parra is Instagramming “la vida buena,” Chris Iannetta’s Twitter (@Chris_Iannetta), with 12.9 thousand followers, is exploring possibilities.

For example, here are the five people with whom he would most like to share a meal:

That’s a pretty interesting party—and not the guest list of a stereotypical Major League baseball player.

He has a range of interests that include baseball, Ariens outdoor equipment, physics, guitars, weather (he loves snow), Game of Thrones, foldable drones, hunting, and the New England Patriots (he’s tweeted a pic of a football signed by Rob Gronkowski).

Iannetta’s Twitter is a bit different in that he routinely interacts with fans, wine enthusiasts, and even the occasional troll. He often retweets fan pics and sometimes answers questions. For example, he replied to a father whose son had been bullied for wearing nail polish:

He signal boosts tweets for causes, such as pediatric cancer, the military, and natural disasters.

Here are some of his other favorite topics.


Music is a recurring theme in Iannetta’s Twitter. He taught himself to play guitar, in part because, as he tweets, “It’s the only thing that turns my mind off. . . . I’m addicted.”

He's also retweeted songs he’s learning from an online music teacher, @GuitarLessonsCB, in addition to being a serious music fan who enjoys Chris Cornell, Tom Morello, Jason Aldean, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, and Chris Stapleton.

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Iannetta is a proud UNC graduate and basketball enthusiast, who speculates about whether he should go back and finish his math degree.

Yes, Chris, UNC is right: You should. It goes with being a Renaissance Man. (He also tweeted a pic of his shoes signed by fellow Tar Heel Michael Jordan.)

Customer Service

Iannetta isn’t shy about using his Twitter account for customer service. He’s tweeted at American Air, Crest, MLB (the calendar on the app wasn’t working), Amazon, Monster Products, Jet Blue, and TMobile to name a few.

JACK Winery

Iannetta is also part owner of JACK Winery with former Angels teammate Vernon Wells. They came up with the idea while rehabbing from baseball-related injuries. JACK is a small, high-end label in Napa Valley, and Iannetta is enthusiastic about wine and the emoji.

For Iannetta, wine is personal, a direct connection to his family. His parents, Maria and Domenic, emigrated as children from Italy to America. When the family came together at meals, a bottle of wine was always on the table. As he told Patrick Saunders:

Both of my grandparents made what we called ‘garage wine’. . . . I can remember, as a kid, going to the market to pick out the grapes. Then I got to see the whole process of watching them crush the grapes and then ferment them and put them in barrels or those big jugs. That’s always stuck with me.

Iannetta promotes JACK Wines (a lot) and encourages followers to take advantage of major and minor (e.g., tax day, St. Patrick’s Day, Fat Tuesday) holiday-related sales. He’ll even take DM orders.

Largely missing from Iannetta’s Twitter feed is news about his own family, presumably and understandably to protect their privacy. In addition to being a business, though, JACK allows him to celebrate his parents, his children, and the community that comes with sharing a bottle of cabernet with friends.

In fact, think of his Twitter feed as a nice sauvignon blanc, something to be shared and savored.