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Ryan McMahon working on proving himself to the Rockies

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Rockies news and links for February 28, 2018

Cocky? No. A confident Ryan McMahon is playing like he belongs on Colorado Rockies roster | Denver Post ($)

Lots of rumors have surrounded prospect Ryan McMahon this offseason, and so far, he’s delivering. Sure, spring training numbers don’t mean all that much, but he just looks good. Maybe it’s not cockiness, but I think it’s safe to say the youngster has gained some confidence. The obvious comparison has been made between McMahon and Trevor Story.

Story came out remarkably strong in his rookie season, and he says that it’s all about being prepared. Getting to the major leagues is the goal for many young players, and as long as you are ready to just play some baseball, things can go very well. There can certainly be a lot of pressure, but you just have to believe in yourself. Bud Black seems to be cautiously optimistic about McMahon’s performance thus far. He doesn’t just like the numbers; he likes the way that McMahon approaches the game. We’re not putting too many eggs in this basket just yet, but McMahon is looking more and more like a safe bet for the Rockies.

Rockies’ Jon Gray opens 2018 Cactus League season with mixed results | Denver Post ($)

Jon Gray was a bit lackluster in his pitching against the Angels. He gave up three hits in two innings. But of course, spring training numbers don’t indicate what the actual season will look like. Bud Black points out that, yes, he had some issues, but overall, he did fine. Jon Gray had a rough end to the season last year, and this game was a bit of a struggle for him. Hopefully, he can work on this a little bit and get ready for the 2018 season.

In the remainder of the game, Jeff Hoffman gave a solid performance, and felt good after four days rest. Adam Ottavino gave up a walk, but then gave a good performance for the remainder of the game. There’s always room for improvement, but the Rockies pitching did alright against the Angels.

Rockies incumbent Trevor Story looks to bounce back in 2018 | Purple Row

Trevor Story had a phenomenal rookie season, albeit a short one. Struck with a thumb injury before reaching the 100 game mark, he was robbed of the chance to have an incredible first season. He hit well off many of the pitchers he faced, putting up an impressive slash line. We all know that he has the ability, but he was stuck in a severe sophomore slump last year. There was a lot of pressure for the young shortstop to return and deliver after his rockstar start, but he struggled offensively despite being a strong defender. There are some high hopes for Story this year, including hopes that he can prove himself as our solid shortstop. Since Troy Tulowitzki left three years ago, this is what we’ve been looking for, and Story seems like a good option.

He won’t just be given the spot, though. He has some competition for the position in Ian Desmond, Brendan Rodgers, and other farm team options. Story will have to be ready to provide offensively this year, cutting way back on the strikeouts, in order to maintain his role on the team.

Raring to go, Davis brings diverse pitch mix |

Wade Davis has been the talk of the town for most of the offseason. The bar has been set pretty high for what we can hope to see from Davis. And he is aware of this, but he believes that a solid team can work any issues out. He claims that as the Rockies were able to win 87 games last year, he knows that they have the capacity to do it again. Of course, having an All-Star pitcher who closed 76 of his last 81 save opportunities, it seems like we have a pretty good chance of this. Davis has delivered in crucial situations, and the Rockies are counting on him to do the same for us.