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The impact of Carlos Gonzalez’s return to the Colorado Rockies

Rockies news and links for March 14, 2018

Ryan McMahon’s spot on Rockies roster could depend on final two weeks | Denver Post

Thus far, Ryan McMahon has been an impressive feature in the infield. However, there are several things that need to shake out with the rest of the offseason. These last two weeks might make the difference for the young prospect. With the Rockies bringing back Carlos Gonzalez, everything gets a little tighter. And now is the time that we might be able to see if McMahon is ready to stand up to major league pitchers. As we wind down the last little bit until the regular season starts, everything starts to matter a little more, and these final performances could be make or break.

Bud Black has some solid faith in the young first baseman, claiming that this major league exposure has helped McMahon develop. McMahon has shown some good versatility and overall solid ability. There are still some tough questions to answer before Opening Day, and it’s up to the players to prove that they deserve a spot in the lineup.

Colorado Rockies podcast: The pros and cons of CarGo’s return | Rox Pile

Rox Pile hosted an awesome podcast, largely discussing the impact of the return of Carlos Gonzalez. The gang on the podcast debate the pros and cons of bringing him back to Denver. The podcast pulls from the Rockies subreddit, fielding input from Rockies fans. Most believe that the team is better off overall with the veteran returning. Be sure to listen to Zach, John, Jason, and fan Kyle Johnson pitch in to discuss CarGo’s return, splits for home and away playing, and as they take questions from fans. It is easy to hear the passion that Kyle has for the team, and it is no doubt how important fans are to the Rockies organization.

After difficult 2017 season, Carlos Gonzalez has a lot to prove as he rejoins Rockies | Denver Post

Without a doubt, there are loads of people who are glad to see Carlos Gonzalez back in a Rockies uniform. Despite his travails last year, the team is ready to welcome back a solid veteran presence to Denver. CarGo, after having turned down a deal with the Rockies last year, has made a smart decision in accepting their terms now. He had some major difficulties, but Bud Black believes that he still has some good playing in him. Yes, it was a difficult year, but CarGo still delivered at times, and was an important component in getting to the playoffs in 2017. It’s hard to say at this point how things will all work out in the new season, but CarGo is excited to have been a free agent and now be, once again, a part of the Colorado Rockies organization.

Colorado Rockies: Look how happy Nolan Arenado was to see CarGo | Rox Pile

There were loads of people who were excited to welcome Carlos Gonzalez back to Denver, and one of the top on the list was Nolan Arenado. As Arenado looks ahead to his free agency after the 2019 season, the Rockies are certainly interested in keeping him happy in Denver. That is not to say that they brought Gonzalez back merely to placate Arenado, but it was definitely an upside. Arenado shared with us all his excitement at welcoming his teammate and friend back to the Rockies. Arenado is probably just one member of the team happy to have CarGo back, and hopefully CarGo can be a piece of the 2018 success puzzle.