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Colorado Rockies Podcast: PDP from spring training

PDP 125 comes at you from the Cactus League

Anthony and Tyler thought they should do a podcast from Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, aaaaaaaaand that’s about as far as they thought.

There’s some rambling in here about David Dahl, Ryan McMahon, and Raimel Tapia and who will be with the team on Opening Day (if anyone). Plus there’s a bunch of stuff in here about the atmosphere of the Cactus League and what games during the month of March. Also at some point, a kid just starts FREAKING OUT CRYING, you guys. Seriously, he cries for like 20 minutes of this 35-minute podcast. It’s ridiculous. We mock him at some point even though, you know, he’s a helpless child who didn’t deserve any of that. We’re just terrible people.

Plus we’ll talk about when is a good time to start seeing steps forward from the pitching staff.

It’s the 125th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Rub it between your hands and apply liberally to avoid a sunburn!