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Rockies podcast: PDP talks Ryan McMahon and pitching

PDP is back for the first episode of spring

Spring training baseball games are underway, and with that, the 2018 season is basically here. The Rockies are set to head into the new year putting the weighty responsibility of their starting first base on Friend of the Podcast™ Ryan McMahon. We love Ryan McMahon. Would the Rockies be well served to have a security blanket at that position, however? We’ll discuss.

Plus, the pitching staff is NOT a source of tremendous worry heading into the 2018 season which seems like the first time in franchise history that sentence has ever been uttered. Who are the early spring surprises, and who are some names to keep an eye on going into the new season? We’ll discuss that, too!

It’s the 124th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Run it under some cool water and watch it grow into a sponge!