FPF - I got 2 out of 5 last year, so lets see which 2 of 5 predictions I'll get right!

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Editor's note: This FanPost was originally published on March 23, 2018.

Hahahahahahaha I am clearly a mad genius! Or I just got freaking lucky and it will never happen again. There is a legitimate case for both. Anyways, I love predictions before the season starts. Even though most are doomed to be wrong and the ones you get right are more attributable to luck than any sort of real foresight, they're still fun. So, here I go: 5 Predictions for the 2018 Rockies season!

1. Trevor Story is going to breakout... big time.

Call this a hunch more than based on any hard data, but I think we'll be saying "Storytime" a lot more often this year than in either of the past two seasons. And I don't just mean a .250, 35 HR season "breakout." I mean an All-Star, indispensable, in the running for MVP type breakout season. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I see big things ahead for our junior year SS.

2. A Rockies pitcher will throw a no-hitter

I know I know I made this prediction last year (and I was wrong) and last year I even gave the specific pitcher (Jon Gray). I also know it's somewhat cheating to suddenly go so general but I couldn't decide if it was Gray or Kyle Freeland or Antonio Senzatela that was gonna do it, so I copped out. Sue me.

3. The Rockies will finish in 1st WC and 2nd in NL West

But it will be a lot closer than most think. I actually think it may ultimately come down to the very last weekend in the chase for Los Angeles, but in the end we'll have to settle for taking out LA in the NLDS. So yeah, I actually also predict the Rockies will eliminate the Dodgers in the postseason.

4. Ian Desmond or Gerardo Parra will get traded for prospects.

As time goes on and with guys like Dahl and McMahon making it very difficult to further justify his presence, I think the Rockies trade one or both of them at the deadline to somebody who's desperate for a low level prospect or two. This will help the Rockies going forward and may happen long before the trade deadline.

5. The Rockies will extend both Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon by November

I think we will keep both of them, and that DJ LeMahieu will be the odd man out to give room for the probable debut of Rodgers in his place. But I predict a 5 year deal for Arenado and a 3 year one for Blackmon as the Rockies look to keep the core together and keep our window open going forwards to 2021 and beyond.

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