FPF: JFK's 2018 (unpopular) Predictions

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Editor's note: This FanPost was originally published on March 23, 2018

After almost nailing my third prediction (I was off by one day) from 2017 I thought I would take another shot at this game. Here are five predictions for the Colorado Rockies 2018 season. Many will not appreciate what I am about to write and I hope that a couple of these do not actually come true.

1) Tyler Anderson leads the team in innings pitched (207.2) and wins (17)

2) Nolan Arenado gets injured in a May game and is out of action until July 3. When he returns he hits a dramatic 2 run home run leading to a win over the Giants

3) The use of the disabled list is more liberal this year than last with the depth options the Rockies have. I believe that Kyle Freeland will spend the most time on the DL this year totaling 92 days.

4) Blackmon, Dahl, Desmond, and LeMahieu all reach 20+ stolen bases, led by Desmond with 27

5) On August 17, David Dahl will hit for a natural cycle

For the league predictions I do not necessarily believe they are accurate, and some are flat wrong but they are certainly bold:

National League

American League










Wild Card 1



Wild Card 2



Wild Card Game

Cubs over Phillies

Athletics over Twins

Division Series 1

Dodgers over Cubs

Athletics over Indians

Division Series 2

Brewers over Nationals

Astros over Yankees

Championship Series

Brewers over Dodgers

Astros over Athletics

World Series

Astros over Brewers


Marcel Ozuna

Carlos Correa


Lewis Brinson

A.J. Puk (out with TJ)
New: Michael Kopech

Cy Young

Clayton Kershaw

Justin Verlander

JFK Edit 2018-3-28: This post has been updated to reflect A.J. Puk's season ending with Tommy John surgery.

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