FPF: Predictions for 2018

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Editor's note: the following FanPost Friday was originally posted on March 23, 2018.

We are back sports fans! Well, I am back. To add to my predictions of what the Rockies will do this season!

Last season I proved to be able to predict some items with amazing accuracy! My first prediction that a player on the opening day roster would spend significant time on the disabled list was completely accurate thanks to Tyler Anderson's left knee keeping him out for significant portions of the season. I really didn't want to be right about that one though.

On a much happier note, Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado both won silver sluggers! I was happy that I was right that two Rockies would win the award.

I then predicted the Bullpen would be better. Not really a bold prediction, but one where the players did improve significantly in 2017 compared to 2016. Considering the DL stints and the lack of talent in 2016, this was not a leap. But I was right!

That's where it fell apart. Jon Gray did not come through for me and win the Cy Young. He was supposed to, and if he was healthy I think he would have! But alas, he had injuries and some ineffectiveness.

I also expected more out of the Cy Young voters. I said multiple Rockies would get a vote for the Cy Young and apparently the Coors Field adjustments only help hitters. If it isn't talking about LOL Coors and how it inflates offense it must be a pitchers park because we had some really nice pitching last year that didn't even get a single vote.

And Rookie of the Year should have gone to Marquez. At least he and Freeland received votes, but you cannot tell me a rookie pitcher doing what Marquez did for the Rockies last year didn't deserve that award. I don't think I was wrong, the voters for Rookie of the year were wrong! That is my story and I am sticking to it.

On to 2018!


I am going to start out with something similar to last year. I think this year we see at least one player spend significant time on the disabled list and it leads to one of our young players taking their job. I feel strongly that this is going to be McMahon becoming the everyday first baseman because an outfielder gets injured, Desmond ends up in the outfield, and McMahon gets the playing time. But the prediction is that one player spends a lot of time on the DL and is effectively replaced. Just don't be Cargo, because honestly, I love Cargo and want to cheer for him all year.


We will see more Silver Sluggers. This year though I am going to be more specific. I think it will be Nolan and ChuckNazty winning again, but they will be joined by Trevor Story and someone else. (someone with a Scottish like name perhaps). My gut says that our offense is going to be much better and that Story in his 3rd year will use his experience to be even better! And if those 3 are humming then someone else will join them just because they get to see more fastballs because no one wants to face the other hitters.


Our bullpen will regress. I have a bad feeling about the Bullpen this year. And partially I don't think we see the level of consistency from last year. We had a nice bullpen, but I think we need more out of the starters this season to be successful. Just a feeling here and not a good one


At least 4 players not on the 25 many roster to start the season will have a greater impact than the players they replace. This is partially because I think McMahon and Dahl both start in the minors. I also think we see them up and being primary players by early June. I also think we tap into pitching depth for the bullpen early in the season and players step in and give the Rockies useful innings all season.


McMahon wins rookie of the year. Yeah, I am sold on him. I think every day he is in the Minors the Rockies are losing out on productivity they can use in the majors. And I really think they figure that out and bring him up sooner rather than later.

Bonus Prediction!

This year I think the pitchers make a huge impact and the Cy Young voters see it. I really believe if they are truly paying attention and seeing the impact the young arms make we see multiple Cy Young votes to different Rockies players.I feel strongly that we were ignored last season and that at worst we deserved some votes to acknowledge how well they pitched and how they drove us into the postseason. When this is repeated if the voters ignore us again I may be grabbing some pitchforks and torches.

Another bonus!

I couldn't let this one go, but, if he stays healthy all season, Gray will win the Cy Young. I think he is just a single healthy season from the Rockies winning the first ever Cy Young for the team. COME ON GRAY YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

These are my predictions. I think we are in for a really fun season for the team and another postseason run. If everything falls how I think it will I bet we win 90-95 games, and still see the Dodgers win 100+ putting us in as the 1st wildcard.

Go get em Rockies!

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