FPF: Five Predictions

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

1. Barring significant injury, Who's On First? is going to remain just as big a question at the end of the season as the beginning.

2. The Rockies will go to the post season, and will make it past the Wild Card game, either by winning the game or the division. After that, I have no idea. Weird stuff happens in the playoffs.

3. Jon Gray is going to pitch a very, very, very good game. The kind that the national media is going to notice, even if it's only for the 15 minutes fame lasts these days. They'll still talk more about his hair than his pitching.

4. Coors Field is going to be blamed for everything from pitching to why a Rockie can't win MVP to potholes to why dryers eat socks. Yes, I know this is a gimme, but what I wouldn't give to be wrong.

4a. Since the above is a gimme, I also predict that every time a Rockie comes to bat or makes a defensive play in the All Star Game, Coors Field will be mentioned.

5. DJ LeMahieu is going to have a terrific season which will contribute greatly to the Rockies' success and that demonstrates his previous good seasons were not flukes. No one will notice. (Ok, I've outed myself as a DJ fan. But I do like what I've seen so far this spring.)

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