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Rockies making final decisions for Opening Day roster

Rockies news and links for March 26, 2018

Rockies 2018 Opening Day roster nearing completion with Dahl headed to Albuquerque | Mile High Sports

Things are becoming more and more finalized for the Opening Day roster as the decision is made to move David Dahl to Triple-A. After his injury-plague 2017 season, Dahl was working towards returning to the major leagues in 2018, and he was definitely a serious contender. I was excited to see if he could deliver another impressive hitting streak. He did well enough in spring training, and we know Bud Black’s opinions on the lack of importance of these preseason numbers, but Dahl’s performance simply wasn’t enough to keep him on the major-league team.

Mike Tauchman, though, thrived, and in all likelihood will be the fourth outfielder for the Rockies. There is room for another outfielder, as Parra might need a little extra time to recover from injury, and having a buffer would be nice. Raimel Tapia is an option, but he didn’t do all that well in spring training either. Ryan McMahon, who has been the prospect buzzed about for so long, might have the versatility to earn that spot. With the bullpen looking ready to go, the Opening Day roster is just about ready to go for Thursday’s season opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Saunders: Nolan Arenado’s learning to field off-game fame with grace | Denver Post ($)

Nolan Arenado is rapidly becoming a baseball superstar, and not just in Denver. National writers all want to talk to him, everyone asks for a quote, and fans want to talk to him. For Arenado, this is not the part of being a major league baseball player he desires. The 26-year-old just wants to play baseball. But he knows that it’s part of the job, and he’s certainly willing to cooperate.

Arenado will become a free agent after the 2019 season, and if he continues to play like he has, he will be in very high demand. He will have the potential to earn at the ending end of the pay scale. According to Arenado, though, money doesn’t really matter. He just wants to win. And I genuinely hope that he can continue to do that with the Rockies.

Colorado Rockies morning after: Jon Gray finishes his spring strong | Rox Pile

There has still been no official announcement about who will be the starting pitcher for the Rockies on Opening Day. However, I think many of us are expecting to see Jon Gray on the mound. The right-hander has been dominant in Spring Training, proving to Bud Black that he could help the team reach another postseason. What’s less sure is who will be catching for Gray. In the Cactus League games, Tony Wolters caught for him, but Chris Iannetta is scheduled for Opening Day. Gray has shown a preference for Wolters, and we can probably expect to see that duo during the season. Again, nothing has been officially announced, but Jon Gray, despite lackluster numbers in Spring Training, showed good control over his pitches, and we will probably see him pitching on Opening Day.

Jenny Cavnar’s TV debut highlights need for more female voices in baseball | Purple Row

Jenny Cavnar called the Rockies game alongside Cory Sullivan and Jeff Huson. There is no doubt that she has deep well of knowledge of the Rockies and baseball in general. I look forward to hearing her commentary after each game, and it is exciting to hear her doing the play by play. Cavnar has long provided a distinct and intelligent voice to the Rockies, and I must say, as a woman, I find her very inspiring. In a field largely dominated by men, it is wonderful to see her hold her own and then some during the broadcast. She’s kind of my hero!