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Carlos González’s joyous Instagram could also return to the Rockies

Because baseball isn’t just on-field play, let’s look at CarGo’s heartwarming Instagram

GOD is good ❤️

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Carlos González may be returning to Denver, and there are many reasons to be excited. Nolan Arenado recently made the case for bringing him back, and fans have been eager for his return. (Purple Row’s Samantha Bradfield explains why here.) And don’t forget Charlie Blackmon taking home a signed CarGo jersey when after winning the 2017 batting title. CarGo has a history with the Rockies, even though he struggled in 2017, and as the team continues in this contention window, it’s only right that CarGo is wearing purple.

I’ll be happy for the return of CarGo’s baseball skills and the sense of teamwork he brings to the Rockies. And, also, I’d be thrilled that his Instagram will continue to be part of the Rockies social media network.

Carlos Gonzalez’s Instagram (CarGo5) is absolutely joyous. There’s no other word for it. He has 470,000 followers with whom he shares his passion for baseball, family, and travel. Here’s what you’ll find there.


CarGo’s baseball family is a big part of his Instagram presence. For starters. there are pics with Chad Bettis, David Dahl (“My Older son,” CarGo writes), Trevor Story Gerardo Parra, and Nolan Areando.

Proud of you bro! What a year.. You definitely made it fun kid #TheWall

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His Instagram is also full of shots of him playing and working out. One of my favorites is an after World Series post of CarGo hugging Jose Altuve, captioned, “I promised to keep this picture a year and a half ago for this day. You made it brother, my family and I are very proud of you. #MVP.” That’s what kind of teammate and ballplayer he is.

There are also pics of him at the All-Star Game and receiving his Gold Gloves—reminders of how good he’s been.

All of this shows how seriously he takes being a player and as a teammate. It’s easy to see why Nolan Arenado would speak to the importance of having CarGo back on the team.

Family and Life off the Field

Carlos Gonzalez has a beautiful family with wife Indonesia (indonesiagonzalez), son Santiago, and twin daughters Carlota and Genova. The González family travels widely, including trips to Paris, Finland (to meet Santa, no less), the White House, and various beaches.

CarGo has also included pics of Ferraris, shoes (so many shoes!), and gloves. And he’s a serious Broncos fan. Wherever he is, CarGo enjoys being there, often with those closest to him.

Since the 2017 season ended, CarGo’s Instagram has been a pretty quiet place, with only 13 new pics. That makes sense given that he has been without a sports home since October. But that could change. If the reports are true and he and the Rockies decide on an agreement for 2018, CarGo and his delightful Instagram page will be back where they belong.