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Rockies Podcast: PDP talks Nolan Arenado, the brawl, and the offense

Purple Dino Podcast provides in-depth fight analysis.

So Nolan Arenado nearly got drilled yesterday and then lost his dang mind, charging the mound to try to tear Luis Perdomo limb from limb. Perdomo threw his glove and ran away, terrified, as you or I would do, a move that garnered him “a ton of street cred” according to one dweeb in the San Diego media. On this week’s PDP, you’ll hear some reaction from Rockies manager Bud Black, outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, and the man himself, contender for the heavyweight crown, Nolan Arenado. Anyway, the Rockies scored five runs immediately following the melee and won. Was that due to the fight? Eh, maybe. Are baseball fights good? Nah. We’ll discuss.

It hasn’t been a terribly inspiring start to the 2018 season, and we’ll try to lay out some reasons why. (Hint: they’re not always going to hit!) Plus, Ryan McMahon is on the big league roster to open 2018 and is barely playing. We’ll dive into why that seems like just an abjectly terrible idea. Also, the Rockies announced Charlie Blackmon’s extension last week basically right after we recorded and posted our episode, so of course we didn’t get to talk about it. We’ll explain our thoughts and hangups on said contract and also why it could be good.

It’s the 128th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Wad it up into a compact ball and chuck it at a friend!