FPF: Living "Major League"

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Editor's note: this FanPost was originally published April 13, 2018.

Since I've already written a fanpost about the most memorable game I've been at that had nothing to do with the game, this is the second most memorable game that has something but very little to do with the game itself. Close enough.

2016 was one of those years that the Yankees came to Coors Field. One of husband's sisters and her family live in the NYC area and are Yankees fans (yes, I know, but they ARE family, allowances must be made), and one of the things they like to do is travel to see them play at other stadiums. So C. and her son B. made plans to fly to Denver, see us, and for all of us to go to one of the games.

We took Light Rail from Lincoln to Union Station. Somewhere around 10th and Osage. B. looks around and asks, "Where's Denver?" I replied, "We're in it," but being from the NYC area originally myself, I knew exactly what he really meant. I explained, "Keep looking over there, the buildings will appear in a minute," because on the east coast, a city is where all the skyscrapers are, and Denver is much more spread out and shorter. We still giggle about "Where's Denver?" quite a bit when we're riding Light Rail.

Fast forward to the end of the game. The Rockies had a shut out going, and C. and B. were concerned about the Yankees' chances, even though I'd assured them "don't worry; the bullpen's coming". And sure enough, the Yankees put up 7 runs in the 8th inning. But the Rockies were still winning, so for the 9th, they brought out the pitcher who was closing at the time.

Carlos Estevez came out from the bullpen to the anthem "Wild Thing", and pitched a terrific 9th inning, including 100 mph fastballs. After the Rockies won, B. turned to us and said "on the one hand, we lost; on the other hand, we just got to live the last 10 minutes of "Major League"".

(I hope most folks know that "Carlos Estevez" was Charlie Sheen's birth name, but I'm adding it in here just in case someone doesn't.)

So yes, the game was good, it ended well, but the chance to actually live a portion of one of the best baseball movies ever? Priceless.

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