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Rockies need more from their starting pitchers

Rockies news and links for April 16, 2018

Rockies need more punch from their 1-2 combination atop the rotation | Mile High Sports

With their 6-5 win over the Nationals in Sunday’s game, the Rockies rise to 9-8 on the season. However, their nine wins have come from other pitchers besides the top two, Jon Gray and Tyler Anderson. Anderson gave up six walks in Sunday’s game, and we could tell from the look on Bud Black’s face that he was not okay with this kind of performance. The Rockies will need more from these two starting pitchers if they expect to have the kind of season we all hope 2018 will be.

In their division, the Rockies are up against some of the league’s toughest pitchers, and they need to be able to keep up. There was some pretty solid bullpen playing that helped the Rockies get the wins against the Nationals, but this can’t be a long-term solution. The top two starters should be able to deliver more in more innings. Anderson and Gray have both shown that they can be the pitchers the team needs, but they need to give that kind of play every game, instead of just once in a while.

Ian Desmond returns to Washington and plays the hero on Jackie Robinson Day | Mile High Sports

Sunday’s game was not a pretty one for the Rockies, with three runs given up on wild pitches and ten walks. However, in the day for celebrating Jackie Robinson, Ian Desmond was the former National who saved the day. He was 1-for-4 on the day, but that one was a big one. His home run in the ninth inning brought the Rockies to their 6-5 win. Ian Desmond has struggled so far this season, which is very frustrating given the expectations for him. However, this one was a good win, leading to the Rockies winning the series against the Nationals.

Jake McGee: The forgotten man of the Colorado Rockies “super bullpen” | Rox Pile

Bringing back Jake McGee for 2018 was part of the development of the super bullpen, and it’s working out well for them so far. They acquired McGee in a deal including Corey Dickerson and German Marquez, a trade that has worked pretty well in the Rockies’ favor. The lefty is working on developing himself and adding other pitches besides a fastball to his repertoire. McGee’s curveball has been working well for him, making him a more versatile pitcher. In a bullpen with Wade Davis and Bryan Shaw, it is easy to overlook McGee, but he is contributing good things in the bullpen so far in 2018.

Inside the evolution of Rockies’ all-star center fielder Charlie Blackmon, the major league leadoff man no one saw coming | Denver Post ($)

Charlie Blackmon started his baseball days as a pitcher. He was okay, but not quite good enough to draw anyone’s eye. He went to Georgia Tech, where his hitting skills were the impressive factor. This led to being drafted by the Colorado Rockies, but he started out his career with some injuries that held him back. In true Charlie Blackmon fashion, he worked hard to get himself back into the game. He has kind of defied sabermetrics, working his way into being the power hitter superstar of the Rockies. Blackmon has become a fan favorite at Coors Field, due both to his persona on the field and his obvious dedication to the sport. I can’t wait for the next six years of Chuck Nazty in a Rockies uniform.

Two reasons why Nolan Arenado is just going to serve his suspension | Purple Row

After the brawl with the Padres, Nolan Arenado received a five-game suspension, and Gerardo Parra got four. While Arenado initially appealed the decision, he withdrew his appeal and accepted the suspension. This was kind of a surprising move, but it will have Arenado ready to face the Cubs back in Denver. Renee Dechert at Purple Row makes the argument that, outside of strategy, this is a way for Arenado to face up to the fact that he charged the mound and take responsibility for his actions. He’s accepting his punishment for breaking the rules and getting back to the thing he loves: playing baseball.