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Colorado Rockies Podcast: The Rockies are good, kind of?

Purple Dinosaur Podcast discusses how the Rockies are succeeding despite causes for concern

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The Rockies are the owners of the worst-hitting offense in the National League. They went like 1-for-1,000,000 with runners in scoring position over the last two series. They have only gotten taco’s once this year. Ian Desmond has three hits in his last 49 at-bats. Nolan Arenado just served a five-game suspension, and Gerardo Parra could be up next. Charlie Blackmon’s leg is falling off.

And yet they...just...won five out of seven in Washington and Pittsburgh? What?

Things are weird but going pretty well for your strong baseball men in purple! Through 20 -games, the Rockies are 11-9 and now 9-5 away from #Coors. Unfortunately, there are cracks in the surface. Nobody seems to be able to hit. The starters haven’t gotten deep into games. None of that has proven to be a huge issue so far. We’ll discuss a bit as to why.

Plus we’re taking your #AskPDPs on the lineup and bench, what video game we’d most like to play on the new board at #Coors, and food (always our fave). All that and more on the 129th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Pack it into a pizza box and deliver it to your friends!