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FanPost Friday: Best/Worst case scenarios for the 2018 Rockies

Go ahead, speculate wildly

We’ve had over two weeks worth of games to digest and so now it is officially time to speculate wildly about the 2018 season.

What is the best (or worst) case scenario for the 2018 Colorado Rockies?

You answer to this question can be based solely off the results we’ve gotten so far, or you can extrapolate from spring training stats, or you can take a realistic approach (if you must). The important thing here is to paint the picture for us of what this utopia/hellscape will look like and how will we get there. Don’t just say “Everybody gets hurt and we lose 152 games,” or “Everybody becomes Mike Trout/Clayton Kershaw and we win 152 games.” Flesh it out for us; it’s more fun for everybody that way.

Don’t feel like you have to get too fantastic here, either; realistic best/worst case scenarios will be fun and interesting. What happens if Ian Desmond bounces back to All-Star form? What if the young pitchers don’t live up to their lofty standards set last year? If one of our rookies breaks out, what does that mean?

Write up a FanPost (if you’ve never done one here are a couple handy guides for you) and tell us all about it. Make sure to include “FPF” in the title and we will post some of our favorites on the front page next week.

Start your FanPost today!