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Keeping an eye on Rockies’ pitching

Rockies news and links for April 25, 2018

Colorado Rockies: The “inside” on how this tactic is changing the game | Rox Pile

It may have gotten them in trouble a few times, but the Rockies have developed a tendency towards pitching inside. This increases the chances of hitting a batter, but when the Rockies can maintain control, it can be successful. Bud Black was once a pitcher himself, which gives him a close perspective on his team’s pitching. And Jake McGee has said that he has seen an increase in hitters crowding the plate.

The Rockies, then, have to walk the line of pitching smart and inside and throwing dirty pitches. Control over pitches is the biggest factor. McGee’s argument is that a pitcher has to have his routine and plan, and it should remain regardless of how close a hitter stands to the plate. While this might mean a pitcher hits a batter every now and again, it is not a reason to avoid throwing inside. McGee states that it’s important to retain confidence regardless of hitting a pitcher or not, something that might be easier said than done. As we saw with German Marquez after he inadvertently hit Kris Bryant, a pitcher can all too easily be rattled by this event.

While we all hope that no pitcher is intentionally throwing at the batter, when the hitter crowds the plate, it can be nearly impossible to avoid. Alternatively, maintaining pitching control is also important. It is certainly a strategy that teams are taking, and it might be more risky, but the payoff could be worth it.

Rockies bullpen faltering big time; right-hander Scott Oberg sent down to Triple-A | Denver Post

The Rockies’ bullpen has been highly touted, with high-cost players filling the spots. However, the pitching we have seen thus far has left something to be desired. This isn’t a statement to be made across the board, as Wade Davis has been solid and Adam Ottavino has been unbelievable. However, the rest of the bullpen has been somewhat disappointing. This is a challenging statement, as they have faced a lot of pressure, with the starting pitching struggling like it has.

Yet we saw the atrocious blown save in Monday night’s game, and Scott Oberg, who threw 30 pitches before getting an out, understands why he was demoted to Triple-A. Oberg still might see more major league play, but he needs to work out some kinks in the minors first. Oberg’s movement to Albuquerque meant that Brooks Pounders got the call to come to the majors, and his debut was successful in the Rockies’ win against the Padres.

A woman’s place can be in the booth | SB Nation

Jenny Cavnar added herself to the history books on April 23, 2018. No, it wasn’t a no-hitter, or a grand slam, but it was still huge for the MLB. Cavnar became the third woman to do the play-by-play for a regular season game, the first time since 1993. Women are not usually very highly touted in the baseball world, and it is incredibly exciting to see Jenny Cavnar, with her broad knowledge of the sport and overall personal charisma, do something historic.

Too early to call it a ‘sophomore slump’ says Rockies Kyle Freeland | Mile High Sports

One of the early concerns for the Rockies in the 2018 season is their starting pitching. Jon Gray and Tyler Anderson both are struggling thus far. Kyle Freeland is hoping not to be part of that struggle. He claims that it’s not necessarily a sophomore slump that he’s facing so much as a learning curve that he needs to surpass. Pitching in the major leagues is a constantly changing job, and Freeland is working hard to adjust to the different things being thrown at him. Listen to the interview with him here, keeping in mind his phenomenal performance Tuesday night.

Pounders to join Rockies, Oberg optioned to Albuquerque | Mile High Sports

The Rockies have brought Brooks Pounders up from Triple-A and optioned Scott Oberg, who had a rough Monday night, back to Albuquerque. Twenty-seven-year-old Pounders made his first major league appearance Tuesday night, after signing a minor-league contract with the Rockies back in December. He did well, contributing to the Rockies’ 8-0 win against the San Diego Padres.

Colorado Rockies: Why pick David Dahl over Raimel Tapia? | Rox Pile

When Gerardo Parra had to begin his suspension and Carlos Gonzalez got put on the DL, the Rockies had a handful of options of who to bring up from the minors. The team chose David Dahl over Raimel Tapia or even Jordan Patterson. Dahl has had some questionable stats in Triple-A, and has already served on the DL. However, he went 2-4 in Monday’s game, giving the Rockies some necessary offense. Tapia has struggled at bat with the Rockies, but has done well with Albuquerque so far this year. We might still see him pulled up this year, possibly with Ryan McMahon getting sent down.

Somerset Patriots lose Opening Day starter | My Central Jersey

The Rockies have bought the contract for 28-year old Brett Oberholtzer’s contract. The left-handed pitcher will play with the Rockies’ Triple-A team. The Rockies are having some early troubles with their starting pitchers, and they might be keeping an eye out for future prospects.