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McMahon showing real potential for the Rockies

Rockies news and links for April 27, 2018

Colorado Rockies: Ryan McMahon discusses early season slump | Rox Pile

Ryan McMahon has started the 2018 season in a bit of a slump. When the Rockies signed him in 2013 amateur draft, they were counting on him as the future at third base. However, as Nolan Arenado showed what he could do, the Rockies no longer needed someone to fill the position. McMahon has been able to become an extremely versatile player while playing in the minor leagues. He has played at first and third thus far for the Rockies. However, the impressive hitting that he displayed in the minors has yet to make an appearance in the big league. He’s working at getting over this slump, though, as the Rockies are in desperate need of some offense. McMahon has some great people to turn to for guidance within the Rockies organization, and he’s trying to learn everything he can from them. If he’s able to capitalize on the things they have to teach him, then McMahon could easily become a force to be reckoned with.

Colorado Rockies: Looking at aces who never panned out | Rox Pile

The Rockies have had several pitchers who were hyped way up. The team has been excited and hopeful for these “aces,” but it hasn’t always turned out the way they wanted. Jon Gray is at risk for joining this list. He has had moments where it seemed like he was finding his way, but it is still a fear that he won’t be able to live up to such high expectations. The pitchers who have faded away include Ubaldo Jimenez, Greg Reynolds, and Drew Pomeranz. Jimenez had an incredible three and a half years with the Rockies, throwing a no-hitter and maintaining a 19-8 record. While he was dominant, he could not sustain his ace-ness, and was ultimately traded to Cleveland. Greg Reynolds was plagued by injuries, Drew Pomeranz couldn’t figure out Coors Field, and time will tell if Jon Gray is able to overcome his struggles and be a Rockies ace.

This is why Bryan Shaw trains with a football |

Bryan Shaw is still figuring out his way of playing with the Rockies so far, but the Denver Broncos are around to help him and welcome him to playing for Colorado. Shaw played as a quarterback in high school, and he used the experience to develop his pitching technique. When some of the Broncos players visited the Rockies, they presented them with two footballs, one specially for Shaw to do to train his unique throwing angles. While it might be a coincidence, Shaw did pitch better in his game played after getting the ball. So keep playing with that pigskin, Bryan Shaw.

David Dahl flashes talent for Rockies, but will he stick with big-league club? | Denver Post

It’s been great to see David Dahl back in the big leagues, and a joy to watch him get some solid hits. While Dahl does have eight strikeouts, Bud Black is still liking the things he’s seeing. On a team that is currently in need of some offense, Dahl could be the powerful bat that we need to see. However, things are a little unsure for what the lineup will look like when Gerardo Parra returns from his suspension and Carlos Gonzalez comes off the DL. However, it doesn’t seem likely that Dahl will return to the minor leagues. Although he has been a little rusty since his injury-plagued 2017 season, Bud Black and Rockies fans are hoping to see the David Dahl who hit seven home runs, twelve doubles, and four triples in 63 games. Yes, please.