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Marlins 3, Rockies 0: Absent offense dooms Rockies

Chad Bettis was great, but it doesn’t matter if the offense can’t score

The Rockies lost 3-0 to the Marlins on Sunday, and they lost the series with it. Once the Rockies went down 1-0 in the first inning, it felt like it was all over. And, it turns out, it was.

Absent offense

The Rockies offense was bad the whole series in Miami, but it was especially flaccid Sunday. During the shutout, the Rockies mustered just four singles and never got a runner to second base. They also struck out 14 times. Over the course of the three-game series, the Rockies scored 2 runs on 15 hits. The runs were the product of a solo home run and a relief pitcher double.

The brief absence of DJ LeMahieu is really exposing the Rockies lack of offensive depth. It’s leading the Rockies to bat Ian Desmond and his .189 batting average second while also giving more playing time to Pat Valaika than a competitive team can afford.

Chad Bettis shines

The worst part of the disappearing offense is that it’s wasted some pretty dang solid pitching performances. Chad Bettis was particularly sharp on Sunday. He allowed two runs on four hits in seven innings while striking out five and walking one. It’s the type of game the Rockies want and need from their starters, but none of it matters if the Rockies can’t score.

Looking ahead

It doesn’t get easier for the Rockies from here, as the club starts a three-game series against the Cubs in Chicago tomorrow night. Kyle Freeland faces Jon Lester in game one, and first pitch is scheduled for 5:05 MT.