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Rockies Podcast: PDP answers all your questions about the Rockies’ mild start

The Rockies are .500, which means there are hot takes from both sides

The Rockies are a .500 ballclub through four games which means the only reasonable reaction is rash, irresponsible takes about how they’re either the greatest or worst team of all time. Unfortunately, we don’t really excel at either of those things, so we’re here to tell you what’s going well this season and what could be going better. There’s some on each side! That’s how sports usually go!

Ian Desmond’s (relatively) hot start is something to celebrate, as is the bullpen’s. Trevor Story is cold to begin the year, but it might not be as bad as you think. Plus, the Rockies are leading the Majors in home runs after four games, none of which came at Coors Field—so that’s fun!

We field a lot of #AskPDPs this week from qeustions about this weekend’s weather for the home opener to food options at Coors Field that include a Rocky Mountain Oyster Po’ Boy. It’s the 127th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Deep fry it in ya griddle and serve it up with some cocktail sauce!