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Top prospect Ryan McMahon gets his first start with the Rockies

Rockies news and links for April 4, 2018

Ryan McMahon gets first start of 2018, as he adjusts to life off the bench | Denver Post

Ryan McMahon has shown a lot of potential in these early days of the 2018 season. Bud Black believes he could develop into a player with a very successful career. However, for the time being, he is coming off the bench for the Rockies. He did get a start in Tuesday night’s game against the Padres, playing at first base and batting eighth. He’s having to adjust to this method of play, as he is used to playing every day and being able to get into a rhythm. When this switches to waiting for the chance to come off the bench, it can be hard to get a routine built up for success. But he’s a young player, and this is the rigamarole he has to go through to earn his spot. McMahon’s putting in the time and effort to get some extra practice to make sure he’s ready to go whenever and wherever the Rockies might need him.

Something we are certainly excited about in these early days is the production we have seen out of Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon already has four home runs, and Nolan Arenado is proud of his teammate. He’s worked hard to become a better and better player, and it has definitely paid off.

Carlos Gonzalez, a long-time Rockie, passed Vinny Castilla on the all-time Rockies hit list. He has 1,207 and is now aiming to get to Dante Bichette’s 1,278 within the 2018 season. He has a good shot, and it would be great to see him come back to Denver and achieve this goal.

BSN Rockies Podcast: The brilliance of Ian Desmond… and his mustache | BSN Denver

Drew Creasman looks at the success that the Rockies have had thus far, largely in the form of Charlie Blackmon, Adam Ottavino, and Ian Desmond’s mustache. Creasman looks forward to some of the things we can keep an eye out for in the new season.

Colorado Rockies: Ian Desmond, don’t shave that ‘stache | Rox Pile

A new team member is stealing the spotlight for the Rockies: Ian Desmond’s mustache. If it’s the ‘stache giving Desmond that extra oomph, he’s got to keep it. His performance in the game on Monday gave me hope that Desmond will finally live up to our expectations. And the new netting didn’t hurt his game, either. So, mustache + netting + Desmond = good news.

Colorado Rockies Home Opener Could Be Coldest In Franchise History | CBS Denver

Opening Days for the Rockies in the past have been sunny and warm, with 2017 a 76 degree April day. Looking at the forecast now, though, tells us that we might face the coldest Opening Day in franchise history. There might be rain, and possibly even snow. If you’re headed to Coors Field on April 6, be sure to pack some warm gloves along with your baseball gloves.